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    Report: Recent Airframes Edits

    This report allows you to look for the airframe events on a weekly basis. These events may be civil registry changes, ownership changes and other significant events. This search works on the dates of the actual events, not the dates the events were included in the database.

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    Oct 14th to Oct 20th

    Aero L-39...
    L-39ZO s/n 28+29 Luftwaffe, c/r LX-ROB
    L-39C c/r N139WS
    L-39C c/r N139DK

    Aeronca 50/65 / L-3 Champion / LNR / O-58 / TG-5 / TG-33...
    O-58B c/r N49512
    O-58B c/r N49511
    O-58B c/r N49509
    O-58B c/r N49518
    O-58B c/r N49508
    O-58B c/r N49517

    Air Tractor AT-300/400/500/600/800...
    AT-802A c/r N91092

    Antonov An-2 Kukuruznik/Colt (NATO) / An-3 / An-4 / An-6 Meteo...
    An-2R c/r N6020S

    Beech 18 Expeditor / AT-7 / AT-11 / C-45 / JRB / SNB...
    AT-7 c/r N6775C
    AT-7 c/r N6779C
    AT-7 c/r N6781C
    C18S c/r N6646C
    C-45F c/r N6770C
    C-45F c/r N6773C
    C-45F c/r N6797C
    C-45F s/n 44-87192 USAAF, c/r N6941C
    C-45F s/n 44-87201 USAF, c/r N7391C
    JRB-1 c/r N8037H
    C-45B c/r N6771C
    SNB-5 s/n 706 MN, c/r N61912
    AT-11 c/r N6657C
    AT-11 c/r N6948C
    AT-11 c/r N6966C

    Beech 33/35/36 Bonanza / U-22 / 40...
    QU-22B s/n 69-7704 US, c/r N75208

    Beech 45/T-34 Mentor...
    D45 s/n 140892 USN, c/r N34RV

    Bell 204/205/208/208/212/214/412/553 / UH-1 Iroquois...
    UH-1B s/n 60-3552 USAF, c/r N8043Z
    CH-135 s/n 135103 CAF, c/r N212TP
    UH-1 s/n 74-22438 US
    UH-1H s/n 64-13697 US, c/r N121FC {2}
    UH-1H s/n 65-9602 US, c/r N2048P
    UH-1H s/n 66-16161 US
    UH-1H s/n 69-16730 US
    UH-1M c/r N57RF

    Bell 206 / H-57 Sea Ranger / H-58 Jet Ranger / 407 / 417...
    OH-58C s/n 68-16954 US, c/r N54LE
    206 s/n 68-16963 US

    Bell 47 / H-13 Sioux...
    47G-2A-1 c/r N147AH
    H-13E c/r N13945
    OH-13G c/r N2899B
    47G-3B-1 c/r ZK-IAR

    Boeing B095...
    95 s/n - AIR FORCE 6 FAHo, c/r NC190E

    Boeing B299 / B-17 Fortress...
    B-17G-85-DL s/n 44-83512 USAAF
    B-17G-90-DL s/n 44-83684 USAAF, c/r N3713G
    B-17G-90-DL s/n 5400 FABo, c/r N47780
    B-17G-95-DL s/n 44-83753 USAAF, c/r N5024N
    B-17G-95-DL s/n 44-83842 USAAF, c/r NL7712M
    B-17G-95-DL s/n 77227 USN, c/r N5226V
    B-17G-95-DL s/n 77237 USN, c/r N5236V
    B-17G-95-DL s/n 77240 USN, c/r N5232V
    B-17G-95-DL s/n 77243 USN, c/r N5229V
    B-17G-105-VE s/n 44-85740 USAAF, c/r N5017N
    TB-17G s/n 42-102715 USAAF, c/r N66573 {2}
    B-17E-BO s/n 41-9090 USAAF, c/r N3142U

    Boeing B345 / B-29/B-50/P2B/F-13 Superfrotress / Tu-4...
    B-29A s/n 44-61748 USAAF, c/r G-BHDK
    B-29A-70-BN s/n 44-62220
    B-29-95-BW s/n 45-21768, c/r N70887
    B-29A-15-BN s/n 42-93967 USAAF

    Boeing B377 / C-97 Stratofreighter...
    KC-97G-22-BO s/n 52-883 USAF, c/r N39178
    KC-97L s/n 52-2630 USAF
    KC-97G-25-BO s/n 52-2656 USAF, c/r HI-481
    KC-97G-26-BO s/n 52-2669 USAF
    KC-97G-26-BO s/n 52-2676 USAF, c/r N52676

    Boeing B450 / B-47 Stratojet...
    NB-47E s/n 53-2104 USAF, c/r N1045Y

    Boeing B464 / B-52 Stratofortress...
    B-52D-25-BW s/n 55-0679 USAF
    B-52D-30-BW s/n 56-0659 USAF
    B-52D-40-BW s/n 56-0692 USAF
    B-52G-100-BW s/n 58-0191 USAF
    B-52G-105-BW s/n 58-0225 USAF
    B-52G-130-BW s/n 59-2601 USAF

    Boeing B707 / C-135 / C-137 / C-18 / E-3 / E-6 / E-8...
    NKC-135A s/n 55-3123 USAF
    KC-135A-BN s/n 930 NASA, c/r N930NA
    C-135A-BN s/n 60-0377 USAF
    KC-135E s/n 56-3658 USAF
    KC-137 s/n 2402 FABo, c/r PP-VJX
    KC-137 s/n 2404 FABo, c/r D2-TPR
    EC-18A s/n 81-0891 USAF, c/r N7598A
    EC-18A s/n 81-0894 USAF, c/r N8403
    E-8C s/n 90-0175 USAF, c/r N526SJ

    Boeing-Vertol V-107 / H-46 Sea Knight...
    V-107-II c/r N4630G
    CH-113A s/n 11310 CAF, c/r N4627G

    Breguet Br-1050 Alize...
    Br-1050 s/n 04 MN

    Bristol 100/200/300 Britannia / CL-28/CP-107 Argus / CL-44/CC-106 Yukon...
    175-305 c/r N6596C
    175-308F c/r G-ANCG

    Cessna 170 / 305 / L-19 / O-1 / OE / 325...
    170 c/r N3805V
    170A c/r G-EEVY
    170A c/r CF-KOT
    170B c/r N2538D
    170B c/r N2718D
    170B c/r N4536C
    170B c/r N4548C
    170B c/r OO-GYM
    170B c/r N4575C
    170B c/r N4594C
    170B c/r N4626C
    170B c/r N4633C
    170B c/r N4658C
    170B c/r N1971C
    170B c/r N2517C
    170B c/r N2726C
    170B c/r N2817C
    170B c/r N2851C
    170B c/r F-BICE
    170B c/r N3424C
    170B c/r OE-DBW
    170B c/r N3485C
    170B c/r N3510C
    170B c/r N3547C
    170B c/r N3555C
    170B c/r N3581C
    170B c/r N170DP
    170B c/r C-FYBF
    170B c/r VH-BFE

    Cessna 318 / 405 / T-37 Tweet / A-37 Dragonfly...
    T-37C s/n 0897 FABr, c/r N7081C
    T-37C s/n 0931 FABr, c/r N3127M

    Cessna T-50/AT-17/C-78 Bobcat / Crane...
    UC-78 s/n 332104 USAAC, c/r N61602
    UC-78B c/r N75829
    UC-78B s/n 43-8095 USAAF, c/r N75210
    T-50 c/r N64628
    T-50 c/r N63136
    T-50 c/r N7646
    T-50 c/r N75912
    T-50 c/r N75820
    T-50 c/r N54626
    T-50 c/r N88765
    T-50 c/r N79146
    T-50 c/r N79479
    T-50 c/r N88749
    T-50 c/r N52660
    T-50 c/r N49439
    T-50 c/r N49443
    T-50 c/r N52607

    Convair CV-240/340/440/580/600/640 / C-131 / R4Y / T-29...
    CV-240 s/n 49-1916 USAF, c/r N27DH
    CV-240 s/n 51-5124 USAF, c/r N99383
    CV-440 c/r N114BF
    C-131A s/n 5781 USCG
    C-131A s/n 5784 USCG, c/r NX54215
    C-131A s/n 5790 USN, c/r N38HP
    C-131B s/n 53-7788 USAF, c/r N4394Y
    C-131B s/n 53-7800 USAF, c/r N31250
    C-131B s/n 53-7806 USAF
    C-131B s/n 53-7811 USAF, c/r N2034L
    C-131B s/n 53-7823 USAF, c/r N1360Y
    TC-131E s/n 55-4753 USAF, c/r N4753B
    C-131F s/n 141001 USN, c/r N157JR
    C-131F s/n 141003 USN, c/r N14100
    C-131F s/n 141005 USN, c/r N9767Y
    C-131F s/n 141015 USN
    C-131F s/n 141017 USN
    C-131F s/n 141018 USN, c/r N4444F
    C-131F s/n 141020 USN, c/r N2409R
    VC-131G s/n 145962 USN, c/r N45962
    VT-29A s/n 49-1929 USAF, c/r N9046N
    VT-29A s/n 49-1937 USAF, c/r N9048N
    VT-29B s/n 51-3804 USAF, c/r N148JR
    VT-29B s/n 51-3809 USAF, c/r N91675
    VT-29B s/n 51-3814 USAF, c/r N3749V
    VT-29B s/n 51-5118 USAF, c/r N99380
    VT-29B s/n 51-5131 USAF, c/r N3845W
    VT-29B s/n 51-5139 USAF, c/r N99653 {1}
    VT-29B s/n 51-5140 USAF, c/r N9618A
    VT-29B s/n 51-5157 USAF, c/r N1045N
    VT-29B s/n 51-5168 USAF, c/r N159PA
    T-29C s/n 52-1120 USAF, c/r N9390A
    T-29C s/n 52-1175 USAF
    VT-29D s/n 51-3810 USAF, c/r N48240
    VT-29D s/n 52-1180 USAF, c/r N4448Q
    VT-29D s/n 52-5832 USAF, c/r N151JR
    C-131D-CO s/n 55-0295 USAF, c/r N8460H
    TC-131E-CO s/n 55-4751 USAF, c/r N131T
    TC-131E-CO s/n 55-4752 USAF, c/r N131FT
    T-29B s/n 51-5117 USAF, c/r N1178D
    T-29B s/n 51-5172 USAF
    T-29D s/n 52-5815 USAF, c/r N1043V
    T-29D s/n 53-3531 USAF, c/r N37695
    CV-580 c/r C-FKFL {2}
    VC-131D-CO s/n 54-2814 USAF, c/r N8447H
    VC-131D-CO s/n 54-2819 USAF, c/r N1037S
    GT-29A s/n 49-1934 USAF

    Culver PQ-14 Cadet...
    PQ-14B s/n 44-68334 USAAF, c/r N999ML

    de Havilland DH-100/115 Vampire...
    Vampire F.3 s/n 17058 RCAF, c/r N6860D
    Vampire s/n 185 IAC

    de Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth...
    DH-82C s/n 8865 RCAF, c/r N667EA
    Tiger Moth II s/n EM729 RAF, c/r N16645

    de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk...
    DHC-1 c/r N1114V

    de Havilland Canada DHC-2/L-20/U-6 Beaver...
    Beaver I c/r C-FPSM {3}
    U-6A s/n 58-1981 US, c/r N48224

    de Havilland Canada DHC-3/U-1/CSR-123 Otter...
    DHC-3 c/r N88765

    Douglas A-20/P-70 Havoc / Boston...
    A-20G-40-DO s/n 43-21627 USAAF

    Douglas A-26/B-26/JD Invader...
    VB-26B s/n 44-34610 USAAF
    RB-26C s/n 44-35493 USAAF, c/r N576JB
    A-26A s/n 64-17651 USAF
    A-26A s/n 64-17671 USAF
    A-26B-15-DL s/n 41-39190 USAAF, c/r N9404Z
    A-26B-20-DL s/n 41-39277 USAAF, c/r N74834
    A-26B-30-DL s/n 41-39398 USAAF, c/r CF-DFC
    A-26B-35-DL s/n 41-39468 USAAF, c/r N91354
    A-26B-35-DL s/n 41-39486 USAAF, c/r N26VQ
    A-26B-50-DL s/n 44-34328 USAAF, c/r N9422Z
    A-26B-61-DL s/n 434602 USN, c/r N167B
    A-26B-61-DL s/n 44-34559 USAAF
    A-26B-66-DL s/n 44-34697 USAAF, c/r N4807E
    A-26B-66-DL s/n 44-34736 USAAF, c/r N4821E
    A-26B-66-DL s/n 44-34746 USAAF
    A-26B-15-DT s/n 43-22374 USAAF, c/r N6843D
    A-26B-20-DT s/n 43-22452 USAAF, c/r N74832
    A-26C-30-DT s/n 44-35204 USAAF
    A-26C-30-DT s/n 44-35215 USAAF, c/r N86480
    A-26C-35-DT s/n 44-35505 USAAF, c/r N4815E
    A-26C-40-DT s/n 44-35627 USAAF
    A-26C-40-DT s/n 44-35640 USAAF, c/r N4204A
    A-26C-45-DT s/n 44-35710 USAAF, c/r N7705C
    A-26C-45-DT s/n 44-35780 USAAF, c/r N8021E
    A-26C-50-DT s/n 44-35888 USAAF, c/r N4810E
    A-26C-50-DT s/n 44-35913 USAAF, c/r N303WC
    B-26B s/n 44-34538 USAAF, c/r N34538
    B-26C s/n 43-22729 USAAF, c/r N9424Z
    B-26C s/n 44-35892 USAAF, c/r N4811E
    STOL 26 s/n 44-34423 USAAF, c/r C-GHLI
    B-26D s/n 846 FAC

    Douglas A-3/A3D Skywarrior / B-66 Destroyer...
    RA-3B s/n 142256 USN, c/r N256HA
    RA-3B s/n 142668 USN, c/r N163TB
    EA-3B s/n 144865 USN, c/r N875RS
    ERA-3B s/n 144832 USN, c/r N162TB
    TA-3B s/n 144856 USN, c/r N870RS

    Douglas A4D/A-4 Skyhawk...
    A-4A s/n 142166 USN, c/r N5548
    A-4C s/n 149575 USN, c/r N226AT
    A-4C s/n 149581 USN, c/r N227AT
    A-4E s/n 150076 USN
    TA-4J s/n 159795 USN
    A-4L s/n 145077 USN
    A-4L s/n 147815 USN, c/r N153AT
    A-4L s/n 148316 USN, c/r N157AT
    A-4L s/n 150586 USMC, c/r N403FS
    A-4P s/n C-240 FAA

    Douglas B-42 / B-43...
    XB-42A s/n 43-50224 USAF

    Douglas BT2D/AD/A-1 Skyraider...
    AD-4NA s/n 126924 USN, c/r N2692
    EA-1E s/n 135152 USN, c/r N65164

    Douglas C-133 Cargomaster...
    C-133A-1-DL s/n 54-137 USAF, c/r N2251X
    C-133A-15-DL s/n 56-2000 USAF, c/r N200AR

    Douglas DC-1 / DC-2/R2D / DC-3 Dakota / C-47/R4D Skytrain / C-53 Skytrooper...
    BT-67 s/n 017 IDF, c/r C-FGCX
    BT-67 s/n 12926 CAF, c/r N707BA
    BT-67 s/n 12937 CAF, c/r N400BF
    BT-67 s/n 1670 FAC, c/r N40359
    BT-67 s/n 17266 USN, c/r C-FTGX
    BT-67 s/n 348859 SVNAF, c/r C-GEAJ
    BT-67 s/n 42-100710 USAAF, c/r TZ-390
    BT-67 s/n 42-100764 USAAF, c/r C-GAWI
    BT-67 s/n 50760 USN, c/r C-FTGI
    BT-67 s/n KK160 RAF, c/r N300BF
    BT-67 s/n L2k-03/41 RTAF, c/r N46949
    C-47 s/n L2-38/14 RTAF
    C-47D s/n 43-49507 USAF
    VC-47D s/n 43-48266 USAAF, c/r N10005
    VC-47D s/n 43-48311 USAAF, c/r RP-C74
    VC-47D s/n 44-76326 USAF
    VC-47D s/n 44-76582 USAF, c/r N710Z
    VC-47D s/n 45-0940 USAAF, c/r N403JB {3}
    C-47E s/n 43-30658 USAAF, c/r N15501
    C-47E s/n 43-48906 USAAF, c/r N7756
    C-117B s/n 45-2546 USAAF, c/r N2010
    C-117B s/n 45-2549 USAAF, c/r N919M
    C-117B s/n 45-2559 USAAF, c/r N4421R
    C-117D s/n 1685 FAC, c/r HK-3586
    C-117D s/n 17092 USN, c/r N110BF
    C-117D s/n 17116 USN, c/r C-GJGQ
    C-117D s/n 17149 USN
    C-117D s/n 17156 USN, c/r N722NR
    C-117D s/n 17160 USN
    C-117D s/n 17165 USN, c/r N1037A
    C-117D s/n 17182 USN, c/r N9796N
    C-117D s/n 17194 USN, c/r N107BF
    C-117D s/n 17216 USN, c/r N102BF
    C-117D s/n 17258 USN
    C-117D s/n 50762 USN, c/r N90600
    C-117D s/n 50784 USN
    C-117D s/n 50812 USN
    C-117D s/n 50834 USN, c/r N834D
    C-117D s/n 99845 USN
    VC-117D s/n 39097 USN, c/r N29TN
    TC-117D s/n 39071 USMC
    TC-117D s/n 39081 USN, c/r N2141K
    R4D-5 s/n 17096 US
    R4D-6 s/n 50746 USN, c/r N228GB
    R4D-6 s/n 50824 USN, c/r N91287
    R4D-7 s/n 39107 USN, c/r N48258
    R4D-7 s/n 39108 USN, c/r N21715
    R4D-7 s/n 99827 USN, c/r N48066
    R4D-7 s/n 99828 USN, c/r N145JR
    R4D-7 s/n 99841 USN, c/r N4002
    R4D-7 s/n 99847 USN, c/r N87907
    C-47J s/n 17275 USN, c/r N132FS
    C-47J s/n 50740 USN, c/r N8666
    C-47J s/n 50779 USN, c/r N214GB
    Dakota III s/n 42-92755 USAAF, c/r C-FBAE
    Dakota III s/n KG406 RAF, c/r N105BF {2}
    Dakota IV s/n 477232 ALA, c/r N75WS
    Dakota IV s/n 6881 SAAF, c/r N467BS
    C-47TP s/n KJ831 RAF, c/r C-FBKB
    C-47-DL s/n 41-7783 USAAF, c/r N66001
    C-47-DL s/n 41-7785 USAAF, c/r HK-167
    C-47A-40-DL s/n 658 FAC, c/r HK-793
    C-47A-45-DL s/n 42-24128 USAAF, c/r N200MF {2}
    C-47A-50-DL s/n 201 {2} FAPa, c/r N4683U
    C-47A-5-DK s/n A65-36 RAAF, c/r HS-TDI
    C-47A-15-DK s/n 42-92838 USAAF, c/r N65162
    C-47A-15-DK s/n 42-92847 USAAF, c/r N88874
    C-47A-20-DK s/n 42-92933 USAAF, c/r N142A {1}
    C-47A-20-DK s/n 42-93076 USAAF, c/r N982Z {1}
    C-47A-20-DK s/n 43-15623 USAAF
    C-47A-75-DL s/n 42-100857 USAAF, c/r N2273K
    C-47A-1-DK s/n FZ631 RAF, c/r N5590C
    C-47B-1-DL s/n 43-16265 USAAF, c/r N808Z
    C-47B-1-DL s/n 43-16351 USAAF, c/r LV-JIG
    C-47A-30-DK s/n 48247 USN, c/r N62101
    C-47B-1-DK s/n 43-48265 USAAF, c/r TI-AQL
    C-47B-1-DK s/n 43-48398 USAAF, c/r HK-3213
    C-47B-1-DK s/n 6W-SAG AdlAS, c/r N19HA
    C-47B-5-DK s/n 43-48705 USAAF, c/r N9994Q
    C-47B-5-DK s/n 43-48802 USAAF, c/r TG-LAM
    C-47B-5-DK s/n 43-48877 USAAF, c/r N91289
    C-47B-10-DK s/n 43-48941 USAAF, c/r N87880
    C-47B-10-DK s/n 43-49219 USAAF, c/r ZK-DAK
    C-47B-10-DK s/n 6892 USN, c/r N560PT
    C-47B-10-DK s/n T.3-64 EdA, c/r N1350M
    C-47B-15-DK s/n 43-49380 USAAF
    C-47B-15-DK s/n 43-49429 USAAF, c/r N5644V
    C-47B-15-DK s/n 43-49554 USAAF, c/r N140JR
    C-47B-20-DK s/n 349876 USN, c/r N472DK
    C-47B-20-DK s/n 43-49645 USAAF, c/r CC-CBV
    C-47B-20-DK s/n KN279 RAF, c/r N9985Q
    C-47B-25-DK s/n 44-76246 USAAF, c/r N1799B
    C-47B-25-DK s/n 44-76407 USAAF, c/r N10802
    C-47B-25-DK s/n L2-8/90 RTAF
    C-47B-30-DK s/n 034 IDF, c/r N791HH
    C-47B-30-DK s/n 44-76642 USAAF, c/r N4039S
    C-47B-30-DK s/n 44-76689 USAAF, c/r N3177Q
    C-47B-30-DK s/n 44-76811 USAAF, c/r N3178Q
    C-47B-30-DK s/n A65-85 RAAF, c/r PK-JDG
    C-47B-35-DK s/n 118 FAS, c/r N10801
    C-47B-35-DK s/n 44-76871 USAAF, c/r HK-3361
    C-47B-35-DK s/n A65-114 RAAF, c/r VM-WJY
    C-47B-45-DK s/n 45-0972 USAAF, c/r N8040L
    C-47B-45-DK s/n 45-1022 USAAF, c/r N49DF
    C-47B-45-DK s/n 45-1030 USAAF, c/r XW-TFB
    C-47B-50-DK s/n 45-1088 USAAF, c/r N512AA
    C-47B-50-DK s/n 45-1098 USAAF, c/r N932H
    C-47B-50-DK s/n 45-1100 USAAF, c/r N814CL
    C-47B-50-DK s/n 45-1101 USAAF, c/r N1385P
    C-47B-50-DK s/n 45-1108 USAAF, c/r N33611
    DC-3-201E c/r JA5039
    DC-3A s/n 321 FAHo, c/r YV-389CP
    DC-3A s/n 42-68698 USAAF, c/r N115NA
    DC-3A s/n 43-1978 USAAF, c/r N600HA
    DC-3A-197D c/r B-312
    DC-3A-269 c/r XB-GUI
    DC-3C c/r N683LS
    WC-47 s/n T.3-54 EdA, c/r G-BLFL
    C-53-DO s/n 41-20075 USAAF, c/r N25656 {2}
    C-53-DO s/n 41-20119 USAAF, c/r C-GGAC
    DC-3C-S1C3G s/n 44-77281 USAAF, c/r N97H
    CC-129 s/n 12938 RCAF, c/r N21BF
    CC-129 s/n 12947 CAF, c/r N982Z {2}
    CC-129 s/n 12957 CAF, c/r N29BF
    C-47H s/n 17218 USN, c/r N843MB {2}
    DC-3S s/n 41-7700 USAAF, c/r N30TN
    TC-47B-30-DK s/n 44-76588 USAAF, c/r N131FS
    EC-47H s/n 17126 USN, c/r N224GB
    C-47B-13-DK s/n 43-48932 USAAF, c/r N2568 {2}
    C-47B-16-DK s/n 43-49355 USAAF
    C-47B-16-DK s/n 43-49408 USAAF, c/r N7868B
    TC-47B-25-DK s/n 44-76240 USAAF, c/r N87665
    TC-47B-25-DK s/n 476502 USN, c/r F-RAMC {2}
    TC-47D s/n 44-76257 USAAF, c/r N87666
    TC-47D s/n 44-76553 USAAF, c/r N94443
    DC-3TP s/n 12950 CAF, c/r 5T-MAH
    DC-3TP s/n 349824 ALA, c/r N300MF
    DC-3TP s/n 41-20133 USAAF, c/r N23SA
    DC-3TP s/n 43-48703 USAAF, c/r C-GHGF
    DC-3TP s/n 6857 SAAF, c/r N565PT
    DC-3TP s/n NZ3538 RNZAF, c/r N146RD
    DC-3TP s/n R7311, c/r ZS-BXG

    Douglas DC-4 / C-54/R5D/C-112 Skymaster / Carvair ATL / Canadair DC-4M/C-4 North Star...
    VC-54C s/n 42-107451 USAF
    C-54D s/n 42-72724 USAF
    C-54P s/n 42-72560 USAAF, c/r N67041
    C-54Q s/n 56529 USN, c/r N67032
    C-54R s/n 90406 USN, c/r N96360
    C-54A-5-DO s/n 42-107449 USAAF, c/r LV-ABQ
    C-54D-10-DC s/n 42-72652 USAAF, c/r N2302D
    C-54D-10-DC s/n 42-72656 USAAF, c/r CP-1352
    C-54D-15-DC s/n 42-72740 USAAF
    C-54D-5-DC s/n 42-72595 USAAF, c/r N3378F
    C-54E-1-DO s/n 44-9030 USAAF
    C-54G-10-DO s/n 45-617 USAAF, c/r N9065Q

    Douglas DC-6 / C-118/R6D Liftmaster...
    DC-6A s/n 53-3267 USAF, c/r N3465F
    C-118A s/n 131569 USN, c/r HK-3530X
    C-118A s/n 51-3823 USAF, c/r N53CP
    C-118A s/n 51-3830 USAF, c/r N44916
    C-118A s/n 53-3298 USAF, c/r N9148F
    VC-118A s/n 51-3834 USAF, c/r N1036F
    VC-118A s/n 53-3269 USAF, c/r N202GB
    VC-118A s/n 53-3288 USAF, c/r N96040
    VC-118A s/n 53-3294 USAF, c/r N43872
    VC-118A s/n 53-3302 USAF, c/r N317SP
    C-118B s/n 128428 USN
    C-118B s/n 128429 USN, c/r N9620A {2}
    C-118B s/n 131577 USN, c/r N820CS
    C-118B s/n 131611 USN, c/r N680AG
    VC-118B s/n 128424 USN
    R6D-1Z s/n 131572 USN, c/r N845TA

    Douglas DC-9/MD-81/MD-82/MD-83/MD-87/MD-88/MD-89 / C-9...
    DC-9-32CF s/n 163036 USN, c/r N59T
    C-9B s/n 163511 USN, c/r N506MD

    Douglas DWC World Cruiser...
    DWC s/n 23-1230 USAAC

    Douglas F4D/F-6 Skyray / F5D Skylancer...
    F-6A s/n 134936 USN, c/r N4263

    Douglas O-46/O-48...
    O-46A s/n 35-0179 USAAC

    Fairchild 24 Argus / C-61 Forwarder / C-68 / GK / J2K...
    UC-61A-FA s/n 43-14601 USAF, c/r G-AIZE

    Fairchild 51 / 61 / 71 / FC-1 / FC-2...
    FC-2W2 c/r N3569

    Fairchild C-82 Packet / C-119 Flying Boxcar...
    C-82A c/r N6234C
    C-119F s/n 22108 RCAF, c/r N5215R

    Fairchild PT-19 / PT-23 / PT-26 Cornell...
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49447
    PT-19A-FA c/r N52565
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49417
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49416
    PT-19A-FA c/r N52566
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49394
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49420
    PT-19A-FA c/r N52641
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49436
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49400
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49421
    PT-19A-FA c/r N46202
    PT-19A-FA c/r N52640
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49415
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49446
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49426
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49393
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49397
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49422
    PT-19A-FA c/r N49437
    PT-19A-FA c/r N46193
    PT-19A-FA s/n 42-83653 USAF, c/r N61013
    PT-19A-AE c/r N49461
    PT-23 c/r N49460
    PT-23-AE c/r N52582
    PT-23-AE c/r N52579
    PT-23-AE c/r N52581
    PT-23-HO c/r N52578
    PT-23-HO c/r N49455
    PT-23-SL c/r N52577
    PT-23-SL c/r N49458
    PT-23-SL c/r N49431
    PT-23A c/r N49432
    PT-23A c/r N49459
    PT-23A c/r N49429
    PT-23A c/r N49399
    M-62A-3 c/r N49353
    M-62A-3 c/r N49469
    M-62A-3 c/r N49471
    M-62A-3 c/r N49475
    M-62A-3 c/r N49479
    M-62A-3 c/r N49480
    M-62A-3 c/r N49464
    M-62A-3 c/r N49364
    M-62A-3 c/r N49365
    M-62A-3 c/r N49473
    M-62A-3 c/r N49482
    M-62A-3 c/r N49470
    M-62A-3 c/r N49380
    PT-19 c/r N52645
    PT-19 c/r N52663

    Fokker Dr.1 Triplane...
    Dr.1 c/r N105RF

    Fouga CM-170 / CM-175...
    CM-170 s/n 533 ALA, c/r F-AZSX

    Globe GC-1 Swift...
    GC-1B c/r N84799

    Gloster Meteor...
    Meteor NF.11 s/n NF11-24 ALA

    Grumman A-6 Intruder / EA-6 Prowler...
    EA-6B s/n 156481 USN

    Grumman G-21/JRF/OA-9/OA-13 Goose...
    JRF-1 c/r N86590
    JRF-1 c/r N21A

    Grumman G-73 Mallard...
    G-73 c/r N1888T

    Grumman S2F/S-2/C-121 Tracker / TF/C-1 Trader / WF/E-1 Tracer...
    S-2 s/n 136465 USN, c/r C-GHDY

    Gulfstream IV...
    G1159C c/r TR-KSP

    Hawker Hunter...
    Hunter F.3 s/n WB188 RAF
    Hunter 51 s/n E-418 RDAF, c/r N611JR

    Hawker Sea Fury...
    Sea Fury T.20 c/r N63SF

    Hiller H-12/H-23 Raven...
    UH-12B c/r N63C
    UH-12E c/r C-GJHO

    Holste MH-1521 Broussard...
    MH-1521 c/r N1138V

    Ilyushin Il-14 Crate (NATO)...
    14FG s/n 6103 CVL

    Laird LC-DW Solution...
    LC-DW500 c/r N12048

    Lockheed L-100 / C-130 Hercules...
    GC-130B s/n 58-0740 USAF

    Lockheed L-14/15/18 / B-34 / C-56 C-60 / PV / R5O...
    C-60A-5-LO s/n 42-56036 USAAF, c/r N1940S
    PV-2 c/r N6612C

    Lockheed L-49/L-649/L-749/L-1049/L-1649/C-69 Constellation / C-121 Super Constellation / WV Warning Star / Starliner...
    L-1049-53 c/r N6212C

    Lockheed L-80/P-80/T-33/TO/TV Shooting Star / T2V Sea Star / CT-133 Silver Star / F-94 Starfire...
    CT-133 s/n 133579 CAF, c/r N433RD
    CT-133 s/n 21272 RCAF
    Silver Star 3 s/n 21295 RCAF, c/r N72JR
    T-33A-1-LO s/n 53-4939 USAF, c/r N152JS

    Lockheed L-83 / F-104 Starfighter...
    CF-104 s/n 104704 CAF
    CF-104 s/n 12808 RCAF

    Luscombe Model 8...
    8A c/r N45609
    8C c/r N28751
    8C c/r N41947
    8E c/r N45441
    8E c/r N1833K
    8E c/r N1860K
    8F c/r CF-SHX

    McDonnell F-101/CF-101 Voodoo...
    CF-101B s/n 101056 CAF

    Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet / J8M Shusui / MXY...
    Me-163B-1a s/n 191614 Luftwaffe

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15...
    CS-102 s/n 555 SPRP, c/r N215MG

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17...
    Lim-5P s/n 609 red SPRP

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed (NATO)...
    MiG-21bis-LASUR s/n 525 {1} BBC

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-23 Flogger (NATO)...
    MiG-23ML s/n 20+14 Luftwaffe
    MiG-23ML s/n 20+16 Luftwaffe

    Monsted-Vincent MV-1 Star Flight...
    MV-1 c/r N77770

    Morane Saulnier MS-880/MS-890 / Rallye / Socata / Koliber...
    MS-880 c/r F-BPHP

    Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa...
    Ki-43-IIb s/n T2-6430 USAAF

    Naval Aircraft Factory N3N...
    N3N-3 c/r N52619

    Noorduyn Norseman...
    Norseman V c/r CF-HPY

    North American A-36 / P-51/F-51 Mustang / P-48 Enforcer...
    Mustang T.2 s/n F-3___ TNI-AU, c/r N514NH

    North American AJ/A-2 Savage...
    AJ-2 s/n 130418 USN, c/r N68667

    North American O-47...
    O-47B s/n 39-0098 USAAF, c/r N73716

    North American P-86/F-86 Sabre...
    Sabre 5 s/n 23314 RCAF, c/r N386BB
    Sabre 5 s/n 23330 RCAF, c/r N86JR

    North American T-28 Trojan / Fennec / Nomad...
    T-28C s/n 140649 USN, c/r N649DF
    T-28C s/n 140661 USN, c/r N661NA

    North American T-6/AT-6/SNJ Texan / Harvard...
    SNJ-6 c/r N2761A
    AT-6A c/r N49356
    AT-6A c/r N52593
    AT-6A c/r N52636
    AT-6 c/r N49351
    SNJ-5 s/n 90789 USN, c/r N41BT
    SNJ-4 c/r N49467
    SNJ-4 c/r N52589
    SNJ-4 s/n 7678 SAAF, c/r N7678Z
    SNJ-5B s/n 91077 USN, c/r N371BH
    Wirraway III s/n A20-704 RAAF, c/r VH-BFO
    AT-6B c/r N52610
    AT-6B c/r N52620
    T-6G s/n 49-2996 USAF, c/r PR-TIK
    T-6G s/n 49-3292 USAAF, c/r N747JE
    T-6G s/n C.16-168 EdA, c/r N651SH

    Piaggio P-149...
    FWP-149D c/r N52571

    Piasecki H-25/HUP Retriever...
    HUP-2 s/n 130077 MN, c/r N5SA

    Pilatus P-3 / PC-7...
    PC-7-II c/r HB-HCA {5}

    Polikarpov U-2 / Po-2...
    Po-2 c/r OE-CPO

    Rearwin 6000...
    6000M c/r N20741

    Royal Aircraft Factory BE-2...

    Ryan ST / PT-16 / PT-20 / PT-21 / PT-22 Recruit / PT-23 / PT-25...
    ST-3KR c/r N46176
    ST-3KR c/r N38983
    ST-3KR c/r N46231
    ST-3KR c/r N46166

    Short SC-7 Skyvan / SD3 / 330 / 360 / C-23 Sherpa...
    C-23A s/n 84-0461 USAF, c/r N260AG
    C-23A s/n 84-0470 USAF, c/r N261AG

    SOKO G-2 Galeb...
    G-2A s/n 23196, c/r N196SG

    SOKO J-20 Kraguj...
    J-20 s/n 30137

    Spartan 7W Executive / 8W Zeus / 12W Executive...
    7W c/r N13993

    Stampe et Vertongen SV-4...
    SV-4C c/r F-BCQJ

    Stearman Kaydet...
    PT-13 c/r N49386
    PT-13B c/r N52671
    PT-13B c/r N52601
    PT-13B s/n 37-0257 USAAF, c/r N57861
    A75L300 c/r N52643
    B75N1 c/r N66158
    B75N1 c/r N52599
    PT-13D c/r N4595N
    PT-13D s/n 42-17347 USAAF, c/r N121R
    PT-17 c/r N49389
    PT-17 c/r N49392
    PT-17 c/r N49410
    PT-17 s/n 42-16396 USAAF, c/r N222FK
    N2S-3 c/r N52587
    A75N1 c/r N52559
    A75N1 c/r N52541
    A75N1 c/r N52572
    A75N1 c/r N49378
    A75N1 c/r N52554
    A75N1 c/r N49414
    A75N1 c/r N52642
    A75N1 c/r N52548
    A75N1 c/r N49380
    A75N1 c/r N52665
    A75N1 c/r N52563
    A75N1 c/r N52596
    A75N1 s/n 42-17458 USAAF, c/r N75662
    E75N1 s/n 52616 USN, c/r N5051V
    PT-27 s/n 42-15613 USAAF, c/r N73694

    Stinson 108...
    108 c/r N97491
    108 c/r N8942K
    108-2 c/r N167C
    108-2 c/r N188C
    108-2 c/r N196C
    108-2 c/r N276C
    108-2 c/r N287C
    108-2 c/r N340C
    108-2 c/r N355C {2}
    108-2 c/r N404C
    108-2 c/r N417C
    108-3 c/r N580C
    108-3 c/r CF-JYN
    108-3 c/r N652C
    108-3 c/r N700C
    108-3 c/r N707C
    108-3 c/r C-FIFS
    108-3 c/r N779C
    108-3 c/r N789C
    108-3 c/r C-FJVC
    108-3 c/r N836C
    108-3 c/r N844C
    108-3 c/r N877C
    108-3 c/r N883C
    108-3 c/r N893C
    108-3 c/r N926C
    108-3 c/r N4135C
    108-3 c/r C-FKPZ

    Stinson L-5/OY/U-19 Sentinel / O-62...
    L-5G c/r N6708C

    Stinson R/SM-2/SM-7/SM-8/W Junior...
    SM-8A c/r N1026
    SM-8A c/r N408Y

    Stinson SR/V-77/AT-19/C-81/L-9 Reliant...
    SR-9C c/r N18439
    SR-10A c/r N36757

    Sud Aviation SA-313 / SA-315 / SA-316 / SA-318 / SE-3100 Alouette...
    SE-3130 s/n 75+01 Heer

    Supermarine Spitfire...
    Spitfire PR.XI s/n PL965, c/r N965RF

    Taylorcraft Auster / J1 Autocrat / AOP / I / II / III / IV / V / A / C / D / J5 Aiglet...
    VJ/1 c/r G-AJDY
    J/5F c/r ZK-BRA
    J/2 c/r N16830

    Taylorcraft DCO-65 / BC-12 / L-2 Grasshopper...
    L-2 c/r N49504
    L-2 c/r N52570
    L-2 c/r N52569
    L-2 c/r N46145
    L-2 c/r N49456
    L-2M c/r N49450

    Taylorcraft J-2 / J-3 / J-4 / J-5 / L-4/O-59/C-83 Grasshopper / L-18 Super Cub / L-21 Super Grasshopper / PA-11/PA-18/PA-19...
    L-4J c/r F-AZZH

    Travel Air 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000 Travel Air / CW-12 / CW-14...
    4000 c/r N241

    Vought A-7 Corsair II...
    A-7D-8-CV s/n 70-0982 USAF

    Vought F4U/FG/AU Corsair / F2G Super Corsair...
    FG-1D s/n 92304 USN, c/r N92GY

    Vultee BT-13/BT-15/SNV Valiant...
    BT-13A c/r N52625
    BT-13A c/r N52623
    BT-13A c/r N73684
    BT-13A c/r N66938
    BT-13A c/r N52638
    SNV-2 c/r N52628
    BT-15 c/r N52591
    BT-13B c/r N52817
    BT-13B c/r N49433
    BT-13B c/r N52611
    BT-13B c/r N52614
    BT-13B c/r N52626
    BT-13B c/r N49452
    BT-13B c/r N52616
    BT-13B c/r N52547

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) 10 / GXE / O-Series...
    ATO c/r N5814 {2}

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) C Series...
    EQC-6 c/r CF-AZM
    YQC-6 c/r N16212

    Yakovlev Yak-50 (1975)...
    Yak-50 c/r F-AZUK
    Yak-50 c/r N446DH
    Yak-50 c/r F-AZXK

    Yakovlev Yak-52...
    Yak-52 c/r T7-JAC

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