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    The Locator is a searchable database of aviation locations. A location may be a museum with aircraft in the collection or may be as simple as a single aircraft displayed in a park. For the purposes of the Locator, an aircraft will be considered to be a powered rotary or fixed wing vehicle (planes and helicopters). Gliders and rockets may be included in an "out-of-scope" category (see the How To section), but they will not be purposely researched and methodically added to the database. If the potential location does not have at least one airframe/aircraft in the collection there will no active entry for it, however it is possible that former aviation locations and locations with aviation themes may be included in an "out-of-scope" category (again see the How To section).

    As a bonus links to photo albums for locations visited by Aerial Visuals have been included. The Locator is not being used to provide photos of the aircraft at all of the locations. This is considered out of scope. Photo documentation of aircraft is done quite well by other web sites. An example of one of those web sites is the Warbird Registry which is a part of the Warbird Resource Group. The Warbird Registry does an exceptional job of photo documentation and the Locator will not attempt to duplicate the service.

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