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    Report: Recent Airframes Edits

    This report allows you to look for the airframe events on a weekly basis. These events may be civil registry changes, ownership changes and other significant events. This search works on the dates of the actual events, not the dates the events were included in the database.

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    Sep 16th to Sep 22nd

    Aermacchi MB-326...
    MB-326M c/r N158TP

    Aero L-29...
    L-29 s/n 1705 CEF, c/n 591705, c/r N47JJ
    L-29 s/n 2817 CEF, c/n 892817, c/r N50DG
    L-29 s/n 3243 CEF, c/r N39DE

    Aero L-39...
    L-39 c/n 432940, c/r N393AT
    c/n 031624, c/r N139ES
    c/n 730840, c/r N139RM
    c/n 931411, c/r N139MM
    s/n 58 blue, c/n 031620, c/r N822BC
    L-39ZA c/n 132025, c/r N301MZ

    Aeronca 50/65 / L-3 Champion / LNR / O-58 / TG-5 / TG-33...
    c/r N46014
    L-3 s/n 42-13334 USAAF

    Air Tractor AT-300/400/500/600/800...
    AT-802A c/n 802A-0135, c/r N802SG

    Altitude Group Radial Rocket...
    Radial Rocket c/n 112, c/r N69PE

    Arnold AR-6...
    AR-6 c/n 01, c/r N616DH

    Avro 504...
    504K (replica) c/r N4929

    Beagle Bulldog / Bristol Bulldog / Scottish Aviation Bulldog...
    Bulldog 121 c/r G-CGHX

    Beech 17 Staggerwing / C-43/GB Traveler...
    YC-43 c/r N65K
    YC-43 c/r N1179V
    G17S c/n 6720, c/r N63477
    D17S c/n 4840, c/r N9597H
    D17S c/n 4885, c/r N17GL

    Beech 18 Expeditor / AT-7 / AT-11 / C-45 / JRB / SNB...
    H18 c/n BA-630, c/r N368HC
    H18 c/n BA-663, c/r N663TB
    H18 c/n BA-728, c/r N92756
    JRB-4 s/n 44573 USN, c/n 8134

    Bell 204/205/208/208/212/214/412/553 / UH-1 Iroquois...
    s/n 65-09651 US Army, c/n 4695, c/r N42331
    s/n 67-17160 US Army, c/n 9358, c/r N444XL
    s/n 76-22651 US Army, c/n 13869, c/r N570SA
    s/n 65-12882 US Army, c/n 5215
    s/n 73-22068 US, c/r VH-UDY
    QUH-1M s/n 66-15050 US Army, c/n 1778

    Bell 206 / H-57 Sea Ranger / H-58 Jet Ranger...
    OH-58A s/n 70-15549 US, c/n 41100, c/r N628BC
    OH-58A-BF s/n 68-16726 US Army, c/n 40040, c/r N434MP
    OH-58A-BF s/n 68-16789 US Army, c/n 40103, c/r N8064C

    Bell 209 / AH-1 Cobra...
    AH-1S s/n 66-15297 US Army
    AH-1S s/n 67-15546 US Army, c/n 20210
    AH-1S s/n 67-15817 US Army, c/n 20481

    Bell 47 / H-13 Sioux...
    47G-3B c/n 2982, c/r N147WB
    Sioux AH.1 c/n 3580, c/r N47JA
    47G-3B-1 c/n 6651, c/r N932B

    Boeing B345 / B-29/B-50/P2B/F-13 Superfrotress / Tu-4...
    DB-50D s/n 49-0310 USAAF, c/n 16086
    KB-50J s/n 49-0389 USAAF, c/n 16165

    Boeing B450 / B-47 Stratojet...
    B-47E-130-BW s/n 53-4213 USAF, c/n 4501237
    RB-47E-45-BW s/n 53-4257 USAF, c/n 4501281
    RB-47H-1-BW s/n 53-4296 USAF, c/n 4501320
    RB-47H-1-BW s/n 53-4299 USAF, c/n 4501323

    Boeing B464 / B-52 Stratofortress...
    B-52B s/n 52-8711 USAF, c/n 16839
    B-52B-35-BO s/n 53-0394 USAF, c/n 16873

    Boyd GR-7 Panther...
    GR-7 c/n 01, c/r N687RB

    Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann / CASA 1.131 / Aero C-104/T-131 / Ki-86...
    T-131PA c/r VH-YUX

    Cassutt Cassutt Special...
    Special c/n 1, c/r N2020J
    Special c/n 3-M-1, c/r N96SR
    Special c/n JDJ 001C, c/r N53014
    Special IIIM c/n 121, c/r N592

    Cessna 170 / 305 / L-19 / O-1 / OE...
    170 c/r N2572V
    170 c/r N2579V
    170 c/r N2591V
    170 c/r N2596V
    170 c/r N2550V
    170 c/r N2605V
    170 c/r N2637V
    170 c/r N2638V
    170 c/r N2639V
    170 c/r N2640V
    170 c/r N2648V
    170 c/r N2652V
    170 c/r N2654V
    170 c/r N2657V
    170 c/r N2667V
    170 c/r N2674V
    170 c/r N2681V
    170 c/r N2684V
    170 c/r N2688V
    170 c/r N2691V
    170 c/r N2695V
    170 c/r N4418V
    170 c/r N2679V
    170 c/r N2683V
    170 c/r N4033V
    170 c/r N4065V
    170 c/r N4069V
    170 c/r N4156V
    170 c/r N4170V
    170 c/r N4174V
    170 c/r N4187V
    170 c/r N4199V {1}
    170 c/r N4406V
    170 c/r N4204V
    170 c/r N4253V
    170 c/r N4237V
    170 c/r N3811V
    170 c/r N3814V
    170 c/r N4298V
    170 c/r N9938A
    170A c/n 19280, c/r 5N-ADF
    170A c/r N9042A
    170A c/r N9049A
    170A c/r N9051A
    170A c/r N9045A
    170A c/r N9213A
    170A c/r N9228A
    170A c/r N9234A
    170A c/r N9235A
    170A c/r N9241A
    170A c/r N9243A
    170A c/r N9252A
    170A c/r N9253A
    170A c/r N9262A
    170A c/r N9265A
    170A c/r N9279A
    170A c/r N9296A
    170A c/r N9299A
    170A c/r N9510A
    170A c/r N9525A
    170A c/r N9539A
    170A c/r N9549A
    170A c/r N9551A
    170A c/r N9562A
    170A c/r N9565A
    170A c/r N9576A
    170A c/r N9578A
    170A c/r N9587A
    170A c/r N9594A
    170A c/r N9706A
    170A c/r N9726A
    170A c/r N9736A
    170A c/r N9771A
    170A c/r N9790A
    170A c/r N9901A
    170A c/r N9916A
    170A c/r N9919A
    170A c/r N9975A
    170A c/r N9278A
    170A c/r N9283A
    170A c/r N9516A
    170A c/r N9542A
    170A c/r N9585A
    170A c/r N9990A
    170A c/r N9994A
    170A c/r N9995A
    170A c/r N9997A
    170A c/r N1262D
    170A c/r N1492D
    170B c/r N1698D
    170B c/r N2229D
    170B c/r N2334D
    170B c/r N2430D
    170B c/r N2638D
    170B c/r N8021A
    170B c/r N8105A
    170B c/r N8118A
    170B c/r N8124A
    170B c/r N8162A
    170B c/r CF-FSZ
    170B c/r N8198A
    170B c/r N8235A
    170B c/r N8246A
    170B c/r N8247A
    170B c/r N8248A
    170B c/r N8255A
    170B c/r N8257A
    170B c/r N8265A
    170B c/r N8293A
    170B c/r N8371A
    170B c/r N2726D
    170B c/r N4582C
    170B c/r N688PA
    170B c/r N3054A
    170B c/r N3075A
    170B c/r N3086A
    170B c/r N3137A
    170B c/r N3162A
    170B c/r N3163A
    170B c/r N3169A
    170B c/r N3171A
    170B c/r N3196A
    170B c/r N3204A
    170B c/r N3220A
    170B c/r N328A
    170B c/r N3240A
    170B c/r N3248A
    170B c/r N3263A
    170B c/r N170RE
    170B c/r N3291A
    170B c/r N3296A
    170B c/r N3298A
    170B c/r G-MDAY
    170B c/r N751LS
    170B c/r N3453C
    170B c/r N4412B
    170B c/r N3502D

    Cessna T-50/AT-17/C-78 Bobcat / Crane...
    c/r N75283
    c/r N54433
    c/r N51849
    c/r N52111
    c/r N8871
    c/r N47828
    c/r N50045
    c/r N9296H
    c/r N67404
    c/r N63988
    c/r N65164
    c/r N75928
    c/r N79588
    c/r N75491
    c/r N65582
    c/r N45386
    c/r N62526
    c/r N1253V
    UC-78 c/r N61806
    UC-78 c/r N86538
    UC-78 c/r N49340
    UC-78B c/r N25690
    UC-78B c/r N9706H
    UC-78B c/r N75427

    Consolidated Fleet 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Fawn/8/10/11/14/16 Finch/21/PT-6/N2Y...
    16B c/r N1326V

    Consolidated PBY / OA-10 / Canso...
    PBY-5A c/r N1494V
    PBY-5A c/r N1497V

    Convair L-13...
    L-13A s/n 47-0275 USAAF, c/r N275LG

    Curtiss C-46 Commando...
    C-46A c/r N1239V
    C-46A c/r N1431V
    C-46D c/r N1386V

    de Havilland DH-104 Dove/Devon...
    Dove 6A c/n 04467, c/r N772S
    Dove 2A c/r N1560V
    Dove 2A c/r N1561V
    Dove 2A c/r N1566V
    Dove 2A c/r N1568V
    Dove 2A c/r N1569V

    de Havilland DH-60 Moth...
    DH-60 (replica) c/r SE-AMO

    de Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth...
    c/r VH-UEF
    DH-82C c/r N1310V

    de Havilland Canada DHC-2/L-20/U-6 Beaver...
    Beaver I c/n 0121, c/r NR121AK
    Beaver I c/n 0182, c/r C-FGYT
    YL-20 c/r N1581V
    YL-20 c/r C-GNBA
    U-6A s/n 52-6095 US Army, c/n 0466, c/r N5143G
    U-6A s/n 53-7924 US Army, c/n 0735, c/r NR123EF
    DHC-2 c/r N1550V

    de Havilland Canada DHC-5/C-8/CC-115 Buffalo...
    DHC-5A c/n 107A, c/r C-FASY

    de Havilland Canada DHC-6/UV-18/CC-138 Twin Otter...
    DHC-6 c/r N288SA
    DHC-6 c/r N251SA
    DHC-6-200 c/r N153KD
    DHC-6-300 c/n 572, c/r G-ISSG
    DHC-6-300 c/r C-FTXQ
    DHC-6-300 c/r C-FTFX
    DHC-6-400 c/r N752RT

    Douglas DC-1 / DC-2/R2D / DC-3 Dakota / C-47/R4D Skytrain / C-53 Skytrooper...
    BT-67 s/n 42-100710 USAAF, c/n 19173, c/r TZ-390
    VC-47A s/n 42-100611 USAAF, c/n 19074, c/r N81HA {2}
    VC-47A s/n 43-15611 USAAF, c/n 20077, c/r N61722
    NC-47D s/n 43-16277 USAAF, c/n 20743, c/r N236GB
    VC-47D s/n 43-16364 USAAF, c/n 20830, c/r N102DH
    EC-47N s/n 43-15989 USAAF, c/n 20455, c/r KA-40
    EC-47Q s/n 42-93704 USAAF, c/n 13645
    C-48B s/n 42-56091 USAAF, c/n 1955, c/r N5631V
    C-48C s/n 42-78026 USAAF, c/n 1954, c/r N490
    C-48C s/n 44-52991 USAAF, c/n 3287, c/r N40V
    C-49E s/n 42-56103 USAAF, c/n 1496, c/r NC16002
    C-49E s/n 42-56107 USAAF, c/n 2127, c/r N795M
    C-49G c/n 2246, c/r N15595
    C-49G s/n 42-38255 USAAF, c/n 1949, c/r N16082
    C-49H s/n 44-83229 USAAF, c/n 1944, c/r VH-ANR
    C-49J s/n 43-1969 USAAF, c/n 4993, c/r NC20750
    C-49J s/n 43-1979 USAAF, c/n 4999, c/r N17109
    C-49J s/n 43-1986 USAAF, c/n 6342, c/r N211TA
    C-49J s/n 43-1994 USAAF, c/n 6323, c/r N28PR
    C-49K s/n 43-2005 USAAF, c/n 6330, c/r PP-NAL
    C-49K s/n 43-2014 USAAF, c/n 6338, c/r N7772
    C-53B s/n 41-20049 USAAF, c/n 4819, c/r N495
    C-53C s/n 43-2018 USAAF, c/n 4964, c/r N45335
    C-117D s/n 12422 USN, c/n 9402, c/r N117RR
    C-117D s/n 12428 USN, c/n 9485, c/r N3269W
    C-117D s/n 138659 USN, c/n 6017, c/r N117LR
    C-117D s/n 1632 FAC, c/n 10020, c/r N34AH
    C-117D s/n 17092 USN, c/n 11788, c/r N110BF
    C-117D s/n 17119 USN, c/n 12058, c/r HI-477CA
    C-117D s/n 17158 USN, c/n 12431, c/r N31310 {2}
    C-117D s/n 17194 USN, c/n 13005, c/r N107BF
    C-117D s/n 39064 USN, c/n 9942, c/r N8502X
    C-117D s/n 50796 USN, c/n 26598, c/r N100BF
    C-117D s/n 50821 USN, c/n 15431
    C-117D s/n 50835 USN, c/n 26998, c/r N835TD
    R4D-1 s/n 05052 USN, c/n 4556, c/r LQ-GIX
    R4D-1 s/n 12404 USN, c/n 6070, c/r C-FFBS
    R4D-1 s/n 3133 USN, c/n 4223, c/r N483F
    R4D-1 s/n 37671 USN, c/n 9041, c/r C-FFST
    R4D-4 s/n 33817 USN, c/n 6352, c/r N977W
    R4D-6 s/n 17259 USN, c/n 14189, c/r N777YA
    R4D-6 s/n 50788 USN, c/n 15113, c/r N514AC
    R4D-7 s/n 99831 USN, c/n 16422, c/r N57123
    LC-117D s/n 12441 USN, c/n 9674, c/r N105BF {1}
    C-117C s/n 42-108866 USAAF, c/n 12508, c/r N54325
    C-47-DL s/n 41-18441 USAAF, c/n 4503, c/r N718A
    C-47-DL s/n 41-18471 USAAF, c/n 4563, c/r C-FIAE
    C-47-DL s/n 41-18602 USAAF, c/n 4727, c/r N734H
    C-47-DL s/n 41-18689 USAAF, c/n 6095, c/r N62BA
    C-47-DL s/n 41-38596 USAAF, c/n 4545, c/r N44V {2}
    C-47-DL s/n 41-7724 USAAF, c/n 4202, c/r N5925
    C-47-DL s/n 41-7852 USAAF, c/n 4351, c/r 6V-AAA
    C-47-DL s/n 42-32827 USAAF, c/n 9053, c/r N47FJ
    C-47-DL s/n 42-32842 USAAF, c/n 9068, c/r PT-AOB
    C-47A-20-DL s/n 23509 USN, c/n 9371, c/r C-GWIR
    C-47A-30-DL s/n A65-10 RAAF, c/n 9590, c/r N1433V
    C-47A-35-DL s/n 42-23850 USAAF, c/n 9712, c/r N91054
    C-47A-35-DL s/n 42-23933 USAAF, c/n 9795, c/r N45772
    C-47A-50-DL s/n 42-24219 USAAF, c/n 10081, c/r CF-QBB
    C-47A-5-DK s/n 12352 USN, c/n 12352, c/r N352WJ
    C-47A-5-DK s/n 12916 CAF, c/n 12363, c/r N59314
    C-47A-15-DK s/n 42-92864 USAAF, c/n 12712, c/r N37906
    C-47A-15-DK s/n 42-92890 USAAF, c/n 12741, c/r C-FMOC
    C-47A-20-DK s/n 42-108902 USAAF, c/n 12868, c/r N50314
    C-47A-20-DK s/n 42-93026 USAAF, c/n 12892, c/r 8P-AAB
    C-47A-20-DK s/n 42-93080 USAAF, c/n 12952, c/r N92GA
    C-47A-20-DK s/n 42-93189 USAAF, c/n 13073, c/r N86U
    C-47A-20-DK s/n A65-44 RAAF, c/n 12873, c/r VH-BPL {2}
    C-47A-25-DK s/n 42-108981 USAAF, c/n 13658, c/r N711Y
    C-47A-25-DK s/n 42-108983 USAAF, c/n 13678, c/r N272R
    C-47A-65-DL s/n 42-100562 USAAF, c/n 19025, c/r N65134
    C-47A-70-DL s/n 42-100776 USAAF, c/n 19239, c/r N773AF
    C-47A-1-DK s/n 42-92106 USAAF, c/n 11870, c/r N7302
    C-47A-1-DK s/n 42-92258 USAAF, c/n 12039, c/r N4995E
    C-47A-80-DL s/n 43-15076 USAAF, c/n 19542, c/r N53376
    C-47A-80-DL s/n 43-15082 USAAF, c/n 19548, c/r N90715
    C-47A-85-DL s/n 43-15484 USAAF, c/n 19950, c/r B-257
    C-47A-85-DL s/n 43-15614 USAAF, c/n 20080, c/r NC50034
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-15657 USAAF, c/n 20123, c/r N54579
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-15751 USAAF, c/n 20217, c/r N54335
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-15933 USAAF, c/n 20399, c/r N61721
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-15938 USAAF, c/n 20404, c/r N56990
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-15972 USAAF, c/n 20438, c/r N182WC
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-15982 US, c/n 20448, c/r N838M
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-15988 USAAF, c/n 20454, c/r XA-NAE
    C-47A-90-DL s/n 43-16082 USAAF, c/n 20548, c/r HK-3037
    C-47B-1-DL s/n 43-16384 USAAF, c/n 20850, c/r N168Z
    C-47B-1-DL s/n 43-16399 USAAF, c/n 20865, c/r N780T
    C-47B-1-DL s/n K-16 FABe, c/n 20823, c/r OT-CWG
    C-47B-1-DK s/n 43-48487 USAAF, c/n 14303, c/r N4730S
    C-47B-10-DK s/n 12949 CAF, c/n 14803
    C-47B-15-DK s/n 43-49443 USAAF, c/n 15259, c/r CC-CBW
    C-47B-15-DK s/n 43-49444 USAAF, c/n 15260, c/r N302SF
    C-47B-15-DK s/n 43-49562 USAAF, c/n 15378, c/r PP-VBK
    C-47B-45-DK s/n 45-0894 USAAF, c/n 16897, c/r N374AS
    C-47B-50-DK s/n 45-1105 USAAF, c/n 17108, c/r N2025A
    DC-3-201G c/n 4138, c/r N166LG
    DC-3-208A c/n 2107, c/r HI-237
    DC-3-216 c/n 1945, c/r N141D
    DC-3-313 c/n 2169, c/r N26MA
    DC-3-313 c/n 2187, c/r N21788
    DC-3-322 c/n 2218, c/r N391U
    DC-3-357 c/n 3281, c/r N28344
    DC-3-362 c/n 3269, c/r N760
    DC-3A c/n 1917, c/r N17331
    DC-3A c/n 1967, c/r CP-1074
    DC-3A c/n 2242, c/r N25669
    DC-3A c/n 4108, c/r N28364
    DC-3A c/n 4802, c/r N33656 {2}
    DC-3A s/n 42-65580 USAAF, c/n 2167, c/r N22357
    DC-3A s/n 42-68710 USAAF, c/n 11637, c/r N85SA
    DC-3A s/n 42-68722 USAAF, c/n 11649, c/r N39544
    DC-3A s/n 42-68724 USAAF, c/n 11651, c/r N60NR
    DC-3A s/n 42-68737 USAAF, c/n 11664, c/r N784V
    DC-3A s/n 42-68745 USAAF, c/n 11672, c/r N4003
    DC-3A s/n 42-68810 USAAF, c/n 11737, c/r N49AG
    DC-3A s/n 42-68824 USAAF, c/n 11751, c/r N906SA
    DC-3A s/n 42-68830 USAAF, c/n 11757, c/r N45366
    DC-3A s/n 42-68832 USAAF, c/n 11759, c/r HK-3462
    DC-3A s/n 42-68845 USAAF, c/n 11772, c/r N4795
    DC-3A s/n 43-1967 USAAF, c/n 4992, c/r XA-JOI
    DC-3A s/n 43-1987 USAAF, c/n 6262, c/r N189UM
    DC-3A s/n 43-1999 USAAF, c/n 4986, c/r N19BA
    DC-3A s/n 43-2003 USAAF, c/n 6328, c/r N44AF
    DC-3A-191 c/n 1900, c/r N16060 {1}
    DC-3A-191 c/n 1902, c/r N16060 {2}
    DC-3A-191 c/n 1903, c/r N515AC
    DC-3A-191 c/n 1904, c/r N16064
    DC-3A-191 c/n 1906, c/r N16066
    DC-3A-197B c/n 2004, c/r N286SE
    DC-3A-375 c/n 4808, c/r B-304
    DC-3A-408 s/n 43-36600 USAAF, c/n 4809, c/r N33649 {2}
    DC-3A-414 c/n 4179, c/r N49FN
    DC-3C s/n A65-91 RAAF, c/n 16136, c/r VH-TMQ
    DC-3C s/n FL595 RCAF, c/n 12004, c/r N123DZ
    DC-3-178 c/n 1551, c/r XC-CFE
    C-53-DO s/n 41-20046 USAAF, c/n 4816, c/r N405RG
    C-53-DO s/n 41-20122 USAAF, c/n 4892, c/r PI-C948
    C-53-DO s/n 42-15533 USAAF, c/n 7328, c/r N132D
    C-53-DO s/n 42-6484 USAAF, c/n 4936, c/r N55KN
    DC-3C-1830-94 s/n 17106 USN, c/n 11928, c/r N223GB
    C-47H s/n 12414 USN, c/n 9304, c/r N45864 {1}
    C-47H s/n 12429 USN, c/n 9486, c/r N78125
    C-47H s/n 17175 USN, c/n 12779, c/r N32TN
    C-47H s/n 17177 USN, c/n 12743
    C-47H s/n 17205 USN, c/n 13105, c/r N830M
    C-49H-DO s/n 42-57506 USAAF, c/n 2198, c/r C-FPWH
    C-50B-DO s/n 41-7703 USAAF, c/n 4109, c/r N78W {1}
    C-50B-DO s/n 41-7704 USAAF, c/n 4110, c/r N340EL
    C-52B-DO s/n 41-7707 USAAF, c/n 4128, c/r N137PB
    C-52-DO s/n 41-7708 USAAF, c/n 4112, c/r N139HH
    DC-3D c/n 42965, c/r N137H
    DC-3D c/n 42966, c/r N34970
    DC-3S c/n 1554, c/r N541S
    DC-3S c/n 1557, c/r N518AC
    DC-2-112 s/n A30-14 RAAF, c/n 1288, c/r PH-AJU {2}
    DC-2-112 s/n A30-9 RAAF, c/n 1292, c/r NC13782 (1934-1940)
    RC-47 s/n 044 IDF, c/n 16007, c/r N60154
    DC-3-Turbo c/n 1548, c/r N156WC
    DC-3-Turbo s/n 44-76393 USAAF, c/n 15977, c/r N2271B {3}
    DC-3-Turbo s/n 6834 SAAF, c/n 12590, c/r N834TP
    DC-3-Turbo s/n S-117 FAE, c/n 13964, c/r N104CA
    LC-47H s/n 12418 USN, c/n 9358

    Douglas DC-6 / C-118/R6D Liftmaster...
    VC-118A s/n 53-3260 USAF, c/n 44661, c/r N747CE

    Fairchild PT-19 / PT-23 / PT-26 Cornell...
    PT-19A-FA s/n 42-83653 USAF, c/n T43-7240, c/r N61013
    PT-23-AE c/n 2743 AE
    PT-23A c/n HO292, c/r N52224
    PT-23A c/n T42-6001, c/r N62476
    c/r N56586
    c/r N1234V

    Fokker D.VII...
    D.VII c/r N1918F

    Fokker DVa...
    D.Va c/r ZK-TVE

    Fouga CM-170...
    c/n 420, c/r N420FM

    Frederick F1...
    F1 c/n 158, c/r N158CF

    Glasair III (Glasair)...
    III c/n 3330, c/r N123AJ
    III-SH-3R c/n 3017, c/r N313CH

    Globe GC-1 Swift...
    c/n 0152, c/r N80749
    c/n 2324, c/r N78324
    c/n 3544, c/r N62172
    c/n 3753, c/r N2453B
    c/r N3261K
    c/r N3282K
    c/r N2377B

    Grumman F7F Tigercat...
    F7F-3P s/n 80390 USN, c/n C-132, c/r N700F

    Grumman G-111/SA-16/HU-16/UF Albatross...
    HU-16C s/n 137927 USN, c/n G-400, c/r N7927
    HU-16 s/n 7226 USCG, c/n G-307, c/r N226CG

    Grumman G-21/JRF/OA-9/OA-13 Goose...
    JRF-1 c/n 1084, c/r N119AA

    Grumman G-44/J4F/OA-14 Widgeon...
    G-44A c/r N86638
    s/n 37721 USN, c/n 1351, c/r N68102

    Hawker Sea Fury...
    s/n UB-451 UBAF, c/r N20SF {2}

    Hiller H-12/H-23 Raven...
    c/n 0103, c/r N69085
    UH-12B c/n 0664, c/r N102JA
    UH-12E c/n 1107, c/r N102BB
    UH-12E c/n HA3082, c/r N99LE

    Holste MH-1521 Broussard...
    MH-1521C-1 c/r N309MD

    Howard DGA-15 / C-70 / GH / NH...
    c/r N1301V
    c/r N1148V

    Industria Aeronautica Romana IAR-823...
    IAR-823 c/n 36, c/r N2087P

    Laister-Kauffman TG-4...
    TG-4A s/n 42-43734 USAAF

    Lancair 320...
    320 c/n 341/349, c/r N164Q
    320 c/n SH-2, c/r N499DM

    Lancair Legacy / T-90 Calima...
    Legacy c/n 2000-001, c/r N199L
    Legacy c/n L2K-280, c/r N41VR

    Lockheed L-14/18 / B-34 / C-56 C-60 / PV / R5O...
    R5O-6 c/r N1230V
    PV-2 s/n 37472 USN, c/r N7670C
    c/r N1229V

    Lockheed L-80/P-80/T-33/TO/TV Shooting Star / T2V Sea Star / CT-133 Silver Star / F-94 Starfire...
    s/n 56-1673 USAF, c/n 580-1023

    Luscombe Model 8...
    8 c/r N22013
    8E c/r N1594K
    8E c/r N2279K
    8E c/r N2304K
    8E c/r N2401K
    8E c/r N2475K
    8E c/r G-AKUJ
    8E c/r N2765K
    8E c/r N2826K
    8E c/r N2827K

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17...
    Lim-5 s/n 1605 SPRP, c/n 1C1605, c/r N170MG

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21...
    MiG-21F-13 s/n 1011 CEF, c/r N1011E
    MiG-21UM s/n 9293 SPRP, c/n 516999293, c/r N210EM

    Mil Mi-2...
    Mi-2 c/n 543725084

    Mong Modified Sport...
    Modified Sport c/n ACA-6BA, c/r N7075W

    Morane Saulnier MS-760 Paris...
    MS-760 s/n 81, c/n 081, c/r N81PJ

    North American A-36 / P-51/F-51 Mustang / P-48 Enforcer...
    CA-18-Mk 23 s/n A68-175 RAAF, c/n 1500, c/r N64824 {1}
    P-51D s/n 44-74950 USAAF, c/n 122-41490, c/r N51DT
    s/n 265 FAU, c/n 122-31303, c/r N151JT

    North American T-2 Buckeye...
    T-2C s/n 158880 USN, c/n 352-5

    North American T-28 Trojan / Fennec / Nomad...
    T-28C s/n 140063 USN, c/n 226-11, c/r N31431
    T-28D s/n 3407 RLAF, c/n 159-8, c/r N2496
    T-28A s/n 51-3479 USAF, c/n 174-17, c/r N699
    s/n 146287 USN, c/n 252-50, c/r N2304K

    North American T-6/AT-6/SNJ Texan / Harvard...
    s/n 49-3320 USAAF, c/n 168-424, c/r N4996H
    SNJ-3 c/r N1117V
    s/n 3425 RCAF, c/n 64-3022, c/r N55903
    c/r N1546V
    SNJ-5B s/n 51968 USN, c/n 88-15111

    Northrop F-5/CF-116 Freedom Fighter / T-38 Talon...
    F-5B s/n 68-9086 RJAF, c/r N675TC

    Northrop SBD Dauntless / A-24 Banshee...
    SBD-5 c/r N1339V

    Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze (PZL) TS-11...
    s/n 704 SPRP, c/n 1H-0704, c/r N315JB

    Pereira GP5...
    GP5 c/n 001, c/r N501GP

    Pfenninger Elfe...
    S-3 c/r N5190

    Piaggio P-149...
    c/r N149RL
    c/r N156FW

    Piasecki H-21...
    CH-21C s/n 53-4354 USAF

    Piper PA-20 Pacer / PA-22 Tri-Pacer...
    PA-20 c/n 20-1107, c/r G-PAXX

    Pitts Special...
    S-1S c/n PFA 009-11557, c/r G-EEPJ
    LHN c/n 2902, c/r N2968G

    Rearwin 8090/8125/8135 Cloudster...
    8090 c/r N25404

    Reberry 3M1C1R...
    3M1C1R c/n 013, c/r N913FT

    Republic RC-3 Seabee...
    RC-3 c/n 0542, c/r CF-FOC
    RC-3 c/n 0750, c/r N6488K
    RC-3 c/r N6066K
    RC-3 c/r N6071K
    RC-3 c/r N6252K
    RC-3 c/r N6299K
    RC-3 c/r N6347K
    RC-3 c/r N6502K

    Ryan ST / PT-16 / PT-20 / PT-21 / PT-22 Recruit / PT-23 / PT-25...
    PT-22 s/n 41-15263 USAAF, c/n 1292, c/r N47210
    ST-3KR c/n 1731, c/r N47708
    ST-3KR c/n 1766, c/r N57185

    Sevenska Aeroplan AB (SAAB) 35 Draken...
    J35D s/n 35350, c/n 35-0350, c/r N35350

    Sikorsky S-48/S-51, H-5 / R-5 / HO3S...
    Dragonfly HR.3 s/n 9602 RCAF, c/n 51-019, c/r N5219

    Sikorsky S-76 / H-76...
    S-76A c/n 76-0225, c/r N31211
    S-76B c/n 76-0332, c/r N844LC
    S-76B c/n 76-0335, c/r N269FL
    S-76C c/n 76-0505, c/r N776PH

    Sport Flight Talon...
    Talon XP c/n AA 001, c/r N420XP

    Stearman Kaydet...
    s/n 61092 USN, c/n 75-05214, c/r N1640M
    s/n 42-17271 USAAF, c/n 75-05434, c/r N4784V
    s/n 42-17343 USAAF, c/r NR4672V
    c/r N1354V
    s/n 41-25459 USAAF, c/n 75-02960, c/r N60739
    s/n 41-8076 USAAF, c/n 75-01635, c/r N61322
    s/n 41-8649 USAAF, c/n 75-02208, c/r N53482
    N2S-1 s/n 3169 USN, c/n 75-00946, c/r N50065
    s/n 07412 USN, c/n 75-07016, c/r N450SR
    c/r N1208V
    c/r N1244V
    c/r N1361V
    c/r N1154V
    s/n 38441 USN, c/n 75-08062, c/r NR110JF
    s/n 38538 USN, c/n 75-08159, c/r N123ET
    s/n 43170 USN, c/n 75-08264, c/r N4921N
    s/n 52626 USN, c/n 75-08808, c/r N1928M
    E75 c/r N1378V
    E75 c/r N1257V
    E75 c/r N1362V
    E75 c/r N1152V

    Stinson 108...
    108 c/n 108-39, c/r N39470
    108-1 c/r N8241K
    108-1 c/r N8249K
    108-1 c/r N8260K
    108-1 c/r N8312K
    108-1 c/r N8533K
    108-1 c/r N8674K
    108-1 c/r N8922K
    108-1 c/r N9194K
    108-2 c/r N9161K
    108-2 c/r N9261K
    108-2 c/r N9287K
    108-2 c/r N9800K
    108-2 c/r N9834K
    108-2 c/r N316C
    108-2 c/r N335C
    108-3 c/r N934C
    108-3 c/r N6041M
    108-3 c/r N6209M
    108-3 c/r N6443M
    108-3 c/r C-FKQC
    c/r N97455
    c/r N97577
    c/r N97591

    Stinson L-5/OY/U-19 Sentinel / O-62...
    c/n 76-0083, c/r N56851

    Stinson R/SM-2/SM-7/SM-8/W Junior...
    S c/r N12143

    Stinson SR/V-77/AT-19/C-81/L-9 Reliant...
    c/r N1338V
    c/r N1191V
    c/r N1337V
    10A c/n 8094, c/r N36794
    SR-7B c/r N16111

    Swiss American Aviation Corporation Learjet...
    45 c/n 2097, c/r N480ES

    Taylorcraft Auster / J1 Autocrat / AOP / I / II / III / IV / V / A / C / D / J5 Aiglet...
    6 s/n WJ370 RAF, c/r G-APRO
    J/5P c/r VH-RUI

    Taylorcraft DCO-65 / BC-12 / L-2 Grasshopper...
    c/r N59702
    c/r N58356

    Taylorcraft J-2 / J-3 / J-4 / J-5 / PA-18 / L-4/O-59/C-83 Grasshopper / L-18 Super Cub / L-21 Super Grasshopper / PA-11/18/19...
    J-3C c/r N20830
    L-4H c/r N5941V
    L-18C c/r N3134G

    Thunder Builders Group Thunder Mustang...
    Thunder Mustang c/n AITM016, c/r N251GA

    Travel Air 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000 Travel Air / CW-12 / CW-14...
    c/n 0937, c/r N8870
    c/r N8871
    c/n 0482, c/r N5282

    Vans RV-8...
    RV-8 c/n TC 82071, c/r N218TC

    Vought A-7...
    A-7B-4-CV s/n 154523 USN, c/n B-163

    Vought F4U/FG/AU Corsair / F2G Super Corsair...
    F4U-4B s/n 97359 USN, c/n 9513, c/r N240CF

    Vultee BT-13/BT-15/SNV Valiant...
    c/r N1258V
    c/r N1262V
    c/r N1252V
    Val Replica s/n 42-42171 USAAF, c/n 74A-11513, c/r N67629

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) C Series...
    YKS-7 c/r N15710
    YKS-7 c/r N15723

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) F-Series...
    UMF c/r N14031
    YMF-F5C c/r N45BN
    YMF-F5C c/r N929JS

    Westland Wasp...
    Wasp HAS.1 c/r G-BZPP

    Wohnoutka Stratocaster...
    Stratocaster c/n 002SMW, c/r N262SW

    Yakovlev Yak-18 (1946) / CJ-4...
    c/n 3832012, c/r N23PM
    c/r N463VM

    Yakovlev Yak-3...
    Yak-3UR-2000 c/n 001-3/2005, c/r VH-YOV

    Yakovlev Yak-52...
    c/n 0855504, c/r N4YK
    c/r T7-ICE
    c/r ZK-XXS

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