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    Report: Recent Airframes Edits

    This report allows you to look for the airframe events on a weekly basis. These events may be civil registry changes, ownership changes and other significant events. This search works on the dates of the actual events, not the dates the events were included in the database.

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    Aug 20th to Aug 27th

    Aeronca Model L...
    LB c/r N16251
    LB c/r N16262
    LB c/r N16271
    LC c/r N16258
    LC c/r N16274
    LC c/r N16287
    LC c/r N16544
    LC c/r N17425
    LC c/r N17442
    LC c/r N17450
    LC c/r N17480
    LC c/r N17484

    Aerospatiale SA-341/342 Gazelle...
    Gazelle HT.3 s/n XZ936 RAF
    SA-341F2 c/r N1433W

    Avro 748 Andover / HS-748...
    Andover C.1 s/n XS646 RAE

    Beagle B.206 / Basset...
    B.206Z s/n XS743 RAF

    Beagle Bulldog / Bristol Bulldog / Scottish Aviation Bulldog...
    101 c/r N123MY

    Beech 18 Expeditor / AT-7 / AT-11 / C-45 / JRB / SNB...
    D18S c/r N121SC

    Beech 45/T-34 Mentor...
    T-34B s/n 144005 USN, c/r N134SM

    Bell 204/205/208/208/212/214/412/553 / UH-1 Iroquois...
    UH-1H s/n 69-15469 US, c/r N176SF

    Bell 206 / H-57 Sea Ranger / H-58 Jet Ranger / 407 / 417...
    OH-58A-BF s/n 68-16741 US, c/r N106AG

    Bell 47 / H-13 Sioux...
    47G-4 c/r N7061J {2}

    Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann / CASA 1.131 / Aero C-104/T-131 / Ki-86...
    Z-131 c/r N131WW {1}
    Bu-131 (replica) c/r C-FLAE

    Bucker Bu-133 Jungmeister / CASA 1-133...
    Bu-133S c/r N133JD

    Cessna 120 / 140...
    140 c/r CF-CFR
    140 c/r C-FFPC
    140 c/r N1858V
    140A c/r N1142D
    120 c/r N1712N

    Cessna 170 / 305 / L-19 / O-1 / OE / 325...
    305A s/n 51-7428 US, c/r N413PG
    170A c/r N170PT
    170A c/r N112RP
    170A c/r N1494D
    170A c/r N1421D
    170A c/r N1755D
    170B c/r N170VW
    170B c/r CF-MWC
    170B c/r N173RJ

    Cessna 190 / 195 Businessliner / LC-126...
    190 c/r N1505D
    U-20A c/r N126LC

    Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) CA-28 Ceres...
    c/r VH-SSY
    c/r VH-SSF

    Dassault Rafale...
    Rafale A. s/n 01 ALA, c/r F-ZWRE
    Rafale B. s/n 306 ALA
    Rafale F.2M s/n 10 MN
    Rafale F.2M s/n 43 MN

    de Havilland DH-100/115 Vampire...
    Vampire T.35 s/n A79-613 RAAF, c/r N11921

    de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk...
    Chipmunk T.2 c/r N178DC

    de Havilland Canada DHC-2/L-20/U-6 Beaver...
    Beaver I c/r C-FIVA
    Beaver I c/r C-GVQE
    Beaver I c/r N1238B
    Beaver I c/r C-GNWS
    Beaver I c/r C-FHVT

    de Havilland Canada DHC-3/U-1/CSR-123 Otter...
    DHC-3 c/r N150BA

    de Havilland Canada DHC-6/UV-18/CC-138 Twin Otter...
    DHC-6-300 c/r C-FCSW

    Douglas DC-1 / DC-2/R2D / DC-3 Dakota / C-47/R4D Skytrain / C-53 Skytrooper...
    BT-67 s/n 43-30689 USAAF, c/r N8187E {1}
    C-53C s/n 43-2022 USAAF, c/r N32MS {2}
    R4D-1 s/n 32898 USN, c/r TL-KAA {1}
    C-47-DL s/n 42-5698 USAAF, c/r N71 {1}
    C-47A-15-DL s/n 42-23387 USAAF, c/r NC88876 {2}
    C-47A-30-DL s/n W-16 KLu, c/r VH-MMA {1}
    C-47A-50-DL s/n 42-24191 USAAF, c/r ET-AAO {1}
    C-47A-15-DK s/n 42-92871 USAAF, c/r F-BYCU
    C-47A-25-DK s/n 213560, c/r N5590A {2}
    C-47A-25-DK s/n KG588 RAF, c/r ET-AHR {1}
    C-47B-1-DK s/n T.3-20 EdA, c/r CP-1668 {2}
    C-47B-15-DK s/n 43-49567 USAAF, c/r CF-AAL {2}
    DC-3-277D c/r N33657 {2}
    C-53-DO s/n 41-20130 USAAF, c/r N56V
    DC-3C-R-1830-90C c/r F-GDXP

    Douglas DC-4 / C-54/R5D/C-112 Skymaster / Carvair ATL / Canadair DC-4M/C-4 North Star...
    C-54G s/n 45-0506 USAAF, c/r N14747 {2}

    English Electric Canberra...
    Canberra T.4 s/n WJ992 DRA

    English Electric Lightning...
    Lightning F.6 s/n XS904 MoD

    Eurofighter Typhoon II...
    EF2000 s/n MM7292 AMI
    EF2000 s/n MM7302 AMI
    EF2000 s/n MM7310 AMI
    EF2000 s/n MM7322 AMI

    Fairchild PT-19 / PT-23 / PT-26 Cornell...
    Cornell II s/n 10890 RCAF, c/r N79307

    Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II...
    A-10A s/n 78-0639 USAF
    A-10A s/n 78-0701 USAF

    Fiesler Fi-156 / MS-500...
    MS-505 c/r C-FJLB

    Ford Trimotor...
    4-AT-B c/r N1077

    General Dynamics F-16...
    F-16A Block 15AG OCU s/n J-008 KLu
    F-16A Block 15M s/n J-646 KLu
    F-16AM s/n FA-107 FABe

    Gloster Meteor...
    Meteor T.7(mod) s/n WL419 MoD, c/r G-JSMA

    Hawker Hunter...
    Hunter T.7 s/n XL563 RAF
    Hunter T.7 s/n XL564 MoD

    Hawker Siddeley 1/50/60/100/200 Hawk / T-45 Goshawk...
    Hawk T.1 s/n XX325 RAF
    Hawk T.1 s/n XX342 MoD
    Hawk T.1 s/n XX343 MoD
    Hawk 200 s/n ZH200 MoD
    Hawk T.1A s/n XX196 RAF
    Hawk T.1A s/n XX222 RAF
    Hawk T.1A s/n XX318 RAF
    Hawk T.1W s/n XX176 RAF
    Hawk T.1W s/n XX283 RAF
    Hawk T.1W s/n XX312 RAF
    Hawk T.1ASTRA s/n XX341 MoD

    Hiller H-12/H-23 Raven...
    UH-12E c/r N129HA
    H-23A s/n 51-16129 US, c/r N10321

    Industria Aeronautica Romana IAR-823...
    IAR-823 c/r N11VA

    Lockheed L-100 / C-130 Hercules...
    KC-130T s/n 163310 USN

    Luscombe Model 8...
    8A c/r N1142B
    8E c/r N1003K
    8E c/r N1216B
    8F c/r N1553B

    Messerschmitt Bf-109 / HA-1109/1110/1112 / S-99/199...
    Bf-109F c/r N109WR

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21...
    MiG-21UM s/n 24 BBC

    North American L-17 Navion...
    Navion c/r N182P

    North American T-6/AT-6/SNJ Texan / Harvard...
    Harvard IIB s/n FT375 RAF, c/r G-BWUL
    Harvard 4 s/n 20449 CAF, c/r N155RH
    SNJ-5 s/n 90735 USN, c/r N11HP
    SNJ-5 s/n 90906 USN, c/r N101JG
    SNJ-6 s/n 112316 USN, c/r N147FG
    SNJ-4 s/n 27234 USN, c/r N714AW
    SNJ-4 s/n 27768 USN, c/r N101VT

    Rearwin 7000/8000/9000 Sportster...
    8500 c/r N18771

    Royal Aircraft Factory SE-5...
    SE-5A (replica) c/r N124BM

    Ryan ST / PT-16 / PT-20 / PT-21 / PT-22 Recruit / PT-23 / PT-25...
    ST-A c/r N14982

    SEPECAT Jaguar...
    Jaguar T.2 s/n XX830 RAF
    Jaguar T.2A s/n XX145 RAF

    Sikorsky S-55 / H-19 / HRS / HO4S / Whirlwind...
    H-19D s/n 56-4261 USAF, c/r N6704 {1}

    Sikorsky S-58 / H-34 / HSS / Wessex...
    Wessex HC.2 s/n XR503 RAE

    Sikorsky S-76 / H-76...
    S-76A c/r N520AL {1}
    S-76C c/r N15460

    Stearman Kaydet...
    PT-17 s/n 41-8143 USAAF, c/r N1431C
    PT-17 s/n 41-8542 USAAF, c/r N56914
    E75N1 s/n 61137 USN, c/r N1860M

    Stinson 108...
    108-3 c/r N664C
    108-3 c/r N108AB

    Stinson L-5/OY/U-19 Sentinel / O-62...
    L-5 s/n 42-98475 USAAF, c/r N9615H

    Stinson R/SM-2/SM-7/SM-8/W Junior...
    S c/r N12143

    Stinson SM-1...
    SM-1B c/r N1517 {2}

    Stinson SR/V-77/AT-19/C-81/L-9 Reliant...
    SR-6B c/r N15114
    c/r N1187V
    c/r N13325

    Supermarine Spitfire...
    Spitfire F.IX s/n 5631 SAAF, c/r N64SQ

    Taylorcraft Auster / J1 Autocrat / AOP / I / II / III / IV / V / A / C / D / J5 Aiglet...
    J/1N c/r G-AHCL

    Taylorcraft J-2 / J-3 / J-4 / J-5 / L-4/O-59/C-83 Grasshopper / L-18 Super Cub / L-21 Super Grasshopper / PA-11/PA-18/PA-19...
    L-4J s/n 45-4501 USAAF, c/r F-BETK

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) F-Series...
    RNF c/r N11254
    UBF-2 c/r N13428
    UPF-7 c/r N180GD

    Yakovlev Yak-18 (1946) / CJ-4 / CJ-5 / CJ-6...
    CJ-6A s/n 3932011 PLAAF, c/r N108SH

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