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    Report: Recent Airframes Edits

    This report allows you to look for the airframe events on a weekly basis. These events may be civil registry changes, ownership changes and other significant events. This search works on the dates of the actual events, not the dates the events were included in the database.

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    Mar 26th to Apr 02nd

    Aermacchi MB-326...
    MB-326H s/n A7-005 RAN

    Aermacchi SF-260...
    SF-260MC s/n AT-110 FAZ, c/r N701RG
    F-260B c/r HB-KOY

    Aero L-39...
    L-159A s/n 6043 CEF, c/r N743RL
    L-39C c/r N139MS
    L-39C c/r N139UK
    L-39C c/r N510SZ
    L-39C c/r N138EM
    L-39C s/n 110 yellow PSU, c/r N39NM
    L-39C s/n 137 white VVS, c/r N137EM
    L-39C s/n 14 yellow PSU, c/r NX139VM
    L-39C s/n 20 PSU, c/r N394WA
    L-39C s/n 47 PSU, c/r N430J
    L-39C s/n 93 KyADF, c/r N454WF
    L-39C s/n white 40 VVS, c/r N711LC

    Aeronca 50/65 / L-3 Champion / LNR / O-58 / TG-5 / TG-33...
    O-58A c/r N58361
    L-3B c/r N61520
    O-58B c/r N47811
    O-58B c/r N56740

    Aerospatiale SA-341/342 Gazelle...
    SA-341F2 c/r N1433W
    SA-341F2 c/r N321VV

    Airspeed AS-10/41/45/65 / Consul / Oxford...
    AS-65 c/r F-BHVY

    Alexander Aircraft Company Eaglerock...
    c/r N777H
    Long Wing Eaglerock c/r N5488
    A-1 c/r N10034
    Combination Eaglerock c/r N7460
    A-4 c/r N6629
    A-3 c/r N6630

    Antonov An-24 Coke (NATO) / An-26 Curl (NATO) / An-30 Clank (NATO) / An-32 Cline (NATO) / An-34 / An-40 / An-50 / Xian Y-7...
    An-26B c/r CCCP-26196
    An-32 s/n 22 blue VVS, c/r RA-48116
    An-26 c/r RDPL-34037
    An-26 c/r S9-TLZ

    Armstrong Whitworth AW-650/660 Argosy...
    AW-650-101 c/r N894U

    Avro IV Triplane...
    IV (replica) c/r G-ARSG

    Beagle Bulldog / Bristol Bulldog / Scottish Aviation Bulldog...
    101 c/r N4321B

    Beech 17 Staggerwing / C-43/GB Traveler...
    D17S c/r N9290H

    Beech 18 Expeditor / AT-7 / AT-11 / C-45 / JRB / SNB...
    E18S c/r N208UB
    E18S c/r N16U
    C18S c/r N6410C
    C18S c/r N6415C
    G18S c/r N33KM
    C-45H c/r N6556D
    C-45H c/r N214N
    C-45H c/r N447DM
    AT-11 c/r N1267V
    C-45 c/r N6405C

    Beech 45/T-34 Mentor...
    T-34C s/n 160473 USN
    T-34C s/n 160954 USN
    T-34C s/n 161046 USN
    T-34C s/n 161050 USN
    T-34C s/n 161793 USN
    T-34C s/n 161800 US
    T-34C s/n 161842 USN
    T-34C s/n 162291 USN
    T-34C s/n 162629 USN
    T-34C s/n 162636 USN
    T-34C s/n 162642 USN
    T-34C s/n 162644 USN
    D45 c/r N865T
    A45 c/r N61296
    A45 c/r N6088V
    A45 c/r N6592D
    A45 c/r N4002F
    A45 s/n 53-3337 USAF, c/r N13AA
    T-34A c/r N6186C

    Beech 50 Twin Bonanza / L-23/U-8/U-21 Seminole...
    U-8F s/n 62-3840 US, c/r N840S
    U-8F s/n 62-3850 US, c/r N43EF
    U-8F s/n 62-3856 US, c/r N442MC

    Bell 204/205/208/208/212/214/412/553 / UH-1 Iroquois...
    HH-1N c/r N441PA

    Bell 206 / H-57 Sea Ranger / H-58 Jet Ranger / 407 / 417...
    OH-58A s/n 70-15318 US, c/r N4092F
    OH-58A s/n 71-20774 US, c/r N40920
    OH-58A s/n 72-21421 US, c/r N8093U
    OH-58A-BF s/n 68-16762 US, c/r N155SD
    OH-58A c/r N220SP
    OH-58A c/r N298SP

    Bell 209 / AH-1 Cobra...
    AH-1S-BF s/n 77-22758 US, c/r N3XL

    Bell 47 / H-13 Sioux...
    47G-2A c/r N9526
    47J c/r N5192B
    47J-2 c/r G-BFPP
    OH-13G c/r N6215U
    OH-13G c/r F-GBOH
    TH-13T-BF c/r N32FG
    47G-4A c/r N124SH
    47J-2A c/r 5N-AFX
    47D-1 c/r N184B {3}
    47G-2 c/r G-BBKW
    47G-2 c/r N60H
    47G-2 c/r N5963

    Bellanca 14-13 Crusair Senior / 14-19...
    14-13 c/r N86702
    14-13-3 c/r C-FHXR
    14-19 c/r N6575N
    14-19-2 c/r N9829B
    14-19-3 c/r N8833R

    Bellanca 30 Special...
    30 c/r N797W

    Boeing B001 / BandW Seaplane...
    1 c/r N74W

    Boeing B247 / C-73...
    247D c/r N13339
    247D c/r N13345
    247D c/r AN-ACB
    247D c/r N13355
    247D c/r XA-BFK
    247D c/r N13357
    247D c/r N7836B
    247D s/n 42-57508 USAAF, c/r N13352
    247D s/n 42-68373 USAAF, c/r XA-DEZ
    247D s/n 42-68853 USAAF, c/r XA-DUY
    247D s/n 42-78017 USAAF, c/r XA-DUA
    247D s/n 7635 RCAF, c/r N41819
    247D s/n 7840 RCAF, c/r XA-KAN
    C-73 s/n 42-38274 USAAF, c/r N13348
    C-73 s/n 42-38275 USAAF, c/r N13351

    Boeing B307 Stratoliner...
    SA-307B c/r F-BHHR

    Boeing B345 / B-29/B-50/P2B/F-13 Superfrotress / Tu-4...
    B-29 s/n 44-69972 USAAF, c/r N69972

    Boeing B377 / C-97 Stratofreighter...
    377 c/r N1040V
    377PG c/r N1025V

    Boeing B40...
    40B c/r N7471

    Boeing BTX...
    BTX c/r N381TX
    BTX c/r N382TX

    Boeing-Vertol V-107 / H-46 Sea Knight...
    V-107-II c/r N185CH

    Boeing-Vertol V-234 / H-47 Chinook...
    CH-47D c/r N947CH

    Bristol 100/200/300 Britannia / CL-28/CP-107 Argus / CL-44/CC-106 Yukon...
    175-302 c/r G-ANCC

    Bristol 170/179/216 Freighter...
    Freighter 31E c/r EI-APM
    Freighter 32 c/r F-BKBG
    Freighter 32 c/r F-BLHH
    B-170 c/r F-BKBD
    B-170 c/r F-BKBI

    Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander...
    BN-2A-26 c/r ZK-EVT

    Bucker Bu-133 Jungmeister / CASA 1-133...
    Bu-133C s/n U-53 FABe, c/r HB-MIZ {2}
    Bu-133C s/n U-76 FABe, c/r HB-MKN
    Bu-133C s/n U-83 FABe, c/r N1938H
    Bu-133C s/n U-92 FABe, c/r F-BLKM
    Bu-133C s/n U-93 SwiAF, c/r HB-MKH
    Bu-133 s/n U-62 FABe, c/r HB-MKZ
    Bu-133BM s/n U-89 FABe, c/r HB-MKM
    Bu-133C s/n U-64 SwiAF, c/r D-EGDS

    Canadair CL-215 / CL-415...
    CL-215-6B11 c/r C-GQBA
    CL-215-1A10 c/r C-FAFO

    Cessna 120 / 140...
    140 c/r N89017
    140 c/r N76445
    140 c/r N140YA
    140 c/r N76575
    140 c/r N58F
    140 c/r N2094N
    140 c/r N2151N
    140 c/r N140SK
    140 c/r N4002N
    140 c/r N1706V
    140 c/r N1902V
    140 c/r N149JA
    140 c/r N3771V
    140 c/r N77098
    140 c/r N89228
    140 c/r N89790
    140 c/r N89807
    140 c/r N89854
    140A c/r N9410A
    140A c/r N140MQ
    140A c/r N1160D
    120 c/r N76189
    120 c/r N76646
    120 c/r N77291
    120 c/r N1727N
    120 c/r N1881N
    120 c/r N2324N

    Cessna 170 / 305 / L-19 / O-1 / OE / 325...
    SM-1019 c/r N16XC
    170A c/r N9206A
    170A c/r N5416C
    170A c/r N9973A
    170A c/r N4654V
    170A c/r N5762C
    170A c/r N1265D
    170A c/r N1362D
    170A c/r N1714D
    170B c/r N2430D
    170B c/r N2458D
    170B c/r C-FWKY
    170B c/r N8352A
    170B c/r N314BW
    170B c/r N3092A
    170B c/r N170RE
    170B c/r N1953E
    170B c/r N2890C
    170B c/r N4468B
    170B c/r N2923D
    170B c/r N3149B
    170B c/r N4300B

    Cessna 190 / 195 Businessliner / LC-126...
    190 c/r C-FNPT
    195 c/r F-OARZ
    195A c/r N1532D
    195A c/r N195WG
    195B c/r F-BJZK
    U-20A c/r ZS-BFW {2}
    U-20A c/r F-BGQJ
    U-20A c/r F-BMHP
    U-20A c/r C-GIWA
    U-20A c/r C-FCQV
    U-20A c/r N4324V

    Cessna 310 / 320 / L-27/U-3 Blue Canoe...
    310 c/r VH-KRZ

    Cessna 318 / 405 / T-37 Tweet / A-37 Dragonfly...
    T-37C c/r N7006C
    T-37C c/r N7007C
    T-37C c/r N7018C
    T-37C c/r N7020C
    T-37C c/r N7021C
    T-37B-CE s/n 2116 FAC
    T-37B-CE s/n 57-2283 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 59-0283 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 60-0121 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 60-0125 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 60-0141 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 60-0195 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 60-0197 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 61-2919 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 67-14520 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 68-7981 USAF
    T-37B-CE s/n 68-8053 USAF

    Cessna 336 / 337/O-2 Skymaster...
    337 c/r VH-WWC
    337A c/r N337TS
    T337B c/r N703AG
    337F c/r N337SK
    O-2A s/n 68-11157 USAF, c/r N202A {2}
    337G c/r VH-SOO
    337G c/r N76HF
    337G c/r N53671
    T337G c/r N9CP
    T337G c/r N189
    T337C c/r N2485S

    Cessna T-50/AT-17/C-78 Bobcat / Crane...
    AT-17B s/n 42-38896 USAAF, c/r N69072
    UC-78 c/r N417T
    UC-78B s/n 42-39296 USAAF, c/r N75609
    T-50 c/r N51760

    Consolidated Fleet 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Fawn/8/10/11/14/16 Finch/21/PT-6/N2Y...
    c/r N7918
    1 c/r N8686
    10 c/r EC-KHC

    Consolidated PBY/OA-10 Catalina / Canso...
    PBY-5A c/r N983CF
    PBY-5A s/n 11094 RCAF, c/r C-FNJE

    Curtiss 75/ P-36...
    P-36A c/r N52203

    Curtiss C-46 Commando...
    C-46A c/r N446M
    C-46A c/r N75396
    C-46D c/r CC-CDI
    C-46D s/n CP-777, c/r N3947C
    C-46F c/r N1248N
    C-46F s/n 42-101108 USAAF, c/r HI-209CA
    C-46F s/n CP-941, c/r N1824N
    C-46T s/n CP-754, c/r N1811M

    Curtiss JN-4 Jenny/Canuck...
    JN-4D c/r N5023
    JN-4D c/r N5027
    JN-4D c/r N5025
    JN-4D c/r N5044
    JN-4D c/r N5021
    JN-4D c/r N5050
    JN-6H c/r N6639
    JN-6H c/r N7464

    Curtiss SB2C/SBW Helldiver / A-25 Shrike...
    c/r N984V

    Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior...
    CW-1 Junior c/r N685V
    CW-1 Junior c/r N691V
    CW-1 Junior c/r N698V

    Dassault Falcon 10/20/50/100/900/2000 / HU-25 Guardian / CC-117 Falcon...
    Falcon 20E s/n EL-VDY AFL
    Falcon 900 s/n A26-070 RAAF, c/r N105BK

    de Havilland DH-106 Comet / HS Nimrod...
    Comet 2R s/n XK695 RAF, c/r G-AMXH

    de Havilland DH-114 Heron...
    Heron 1B c/r F-BGOI

    de Havilland DH-60 Moth...
    DH-60M c/r N443

    de Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth...
    DH-82A c/r N82TM {2}
    DH-82A s/n DE995 RAF, c/r N995DH

    de Havilland DH-84 Dragon / DH-89 Dragon Rapide...
    DH-89A c/r F-BJUY
    DH-89A c/r N8053
    DH-89A c/r OO-ITI
    DH-89A c/r F-BHVQ
    DH-89A c/r F-BHOB
    DH-89A c/r F-BLHE
    Dominie III c/r F-BJUZ

    de Havilland DH-98 Mosquito...
    Mosquito T.III s/n TV959 RAF, c/r N959TV

    de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk...
    Chipmunk T.10 s/n WP797 RAF, c/r N31376
    DHC-1B-2-S3 c/r N80216

    de Havilland Canada DHC-2/L-20/U-6 Beaver...
    Beaver I c/r N450TN
    U-6A c/r N926RK
    U-6A s/n 51-16834 US, c/r N114GH
    U-6A s/n 58-2071 US, c/r N420RC
    DHC-2 c/r VH-BSC

    de Havilland Canada DHC-3/U-1/CSR-123 Otter...
    DHC-3 c/r N709KA

    de Havilland Canada DHC-5/C-8/CC-115 Buffalo...
    DHC-5D c/r TJ-XBN
    DHC-5D c/r TJ-XBR

    de Havilland Canada DHC-6/UV-18/CC-138 Twin Otter...
    DHC-6 c/r N716NC
    DHC-6 c/r VH-MBX
    DHC-6 c/r N164BA
    DHC-6-1 s/n 057 RNoAF, c/r N157KM
    DHC-6-200 c/r N469TS
    DHC-6-400 c/r N108MG

    Dornier Alpha Jet...
    Alpha Jet A c/r C-GFTO
    Alpha Jet A c/r C-GITA
    Alpha Jet A c/r C-GJTA
    Alpha Jet A c/r C-GQTA
    Alpha Jet A c/r C-GNTA
    Alpha Jet A c/r C-FPTA
    Alpha Jet A s/n 40+72 WGAF, c/r C-FOTA
    Alpha Jet A s/n 40+94 WGAF, c/r C-FFTA
    Alpha Jet A s/n 41+15 WGAF, c/r N512AF
    Alpha Jet A s/n 41+47 WGAF, c/r C-GUTA

    Dornier Do-27...
    Do-27A-5 s/n 57+31 Luftwaffe

    Douglas A-26/B-26/JD Invader...
    A-26B c/r N3157G
    B-26C c/r N5029K

    Douglas A4D/A-4 Skyhawk...
    A-4N c/r C-FGZD
    A-4AR s/n 160029 USMC, c/r C-FGZI
    A-4AR s/n 160032 USMC, c/r C-FGZH

    Douglas B-18/B-22/C-58/DB Bolo / Digby...
    B-18 s/n 36-0274 USAAF, c/r N1044M
    B-18A s/n 37-0548 USAAF, c/r N1314M
    B-18A s/n 37-0555 USAAF, c/r N5487N
    B-18A s/n 37-0579 USAAF, c/r N1315M

    Douglas DC-1 / DC-2/R2D / DC-3 Dakota / C-47/R4D Skytrain / C-53 Skytrooper...
    C-47A c/r N1511V
    C-49F s/n 42-56636 USAAF, c/r N715F
    Dakota III s/n FL516 RAF, c/r 5B-CBA
    C-47A-30-DK s/n 43-48248 USAAF, c/r N845S
    DC-3A c/r N18940
    DC-3 c/r N314A
    DC-3 c/r N502J

    Douglas DC-4 / C-54/R5D/C-112 Skymaster / Carvair ATL / Canadair DC-4M/C-4 North Star...
    DC-4-1009 c/r D6-CAB
    DC-4-1009 c/r 9Q-COK
    C-54A c/r N1435V
    C-54B c/r N90425
    C-54B c/r N88904

    Douglas DC-6 / C-118/R6D Liftmaster...
    DC-6 c/r HC-ARK
    DC-6 c/r N37509
    DC-6 c/r N90738
    DC-6 c/r N74841
    DC-6 c/r EP-AES
    DC-6 c/r N90738
    DC-6 c/r N74841
    DC-6A s/n 43819 USN, c/r ETP-10019
    DC-6B c/r N56CA
    DC-6B c/r XU-IAJ
    DC-6B c/r C-GHLZ
    DC-6B c/r N5118V
    DC-6B s/n 379, c/r TF-AAH
    DC-6B s/n 43536 USN, c/r N6536C
    DC-6BF c/r N111AQ
    DC-6BF c/r N17289
    DC-6BF c/r 9Q-CCM
    C-118A s/n 53-3298 USAF, c/r N9148F

    Douglas DC-7 Seven Seas / C-74 Globemaster I / C-124 Globemaster II...
    DC-7 c/r N4879C
    DC-7 c/r N323A
    DC-7 c/r N6316C
    DC-7 c/r N6319C
    DC-7B c/r HR-TNJ
    DC-7B c/r N4883C
    DC-7B c/r N757Z
    DC-7B c/r N4883C

    Engineering and Research Corporation 415 Ercoupe / Mooney A2 / Forney F-1 / Alon A-2...
    415C c/r N87155
    415C c/r N93624
    415C c/r N93685
    415C c/r N93750
    415C c/r CF-JGW
    415C c/r N94078
    415C c/r N99482
    415C c/r N99853
    415C c/r C-FEBI
    415C c/r N99985
    415C c/r N2834H
    415C c/r N3626H
    F-1 c/r VH-LDN
    A-2 c/r N767WR
    415D c/r C-FXSC
    415CD c/r SE-BEE
    415CD c/r N3801H
    415CD c/r N94656
    F-1A c/r N3046G

    English Electric Canberra...
    Canberra TT.18 s/n WJ680 RAF, c/r VH-ZSQ

    Fairchild 24 Argus / C-61 Forwarder / C-68 / GK / J2K...
    F-24H c/r N19128
    F-24K c/r N18681
    UC-61A-FA s/n 43-14601 USAF, c/r G-AIZE
    F-24R-46 c/r N81241
    F-24R-46A c/r N24FA

    Fairchild 45...
    45A c/r N16878

    Fairchild 51 / 61 / 71 / FC-1 / FC-2...
    FC-2 c/r N6620

    Fairchild PT-19 / PT-23 / PT-26 Cornell...
    PT-19A c/r N53698
    PT-19A s/n 42-65527 USAAF, c/r N50809
    PT-23 c/r N53696
    PT-26 s/n 42-65647 USAAF, c/r N49481
    M-62 c/r N59461
    M-62C c/r N66826
    M-62C c/r N61896
    M-62A-3 c/r N9259H
    M-62A-3 c/r N50234
    M-62A-3 c/r N60517
    M-62A-3 c/r N74621
    PT-19 c/r N53683
    PT-19 c/r N61040
    PT-19 c/r N53685
    PT-19 c/r N53687
    M-62A c/r N53682
    M-62A c/r N53691
    M-62A c/r N53694
    M-62A c/r N53733
    M-62A c/r N53674
    M-62A c/r N53675
    M-62A c/r N53699
    M-62A c/r N53676
    M-62A c/r N53678
    M-62A c/r N53679
    M-62A c/r N53731
    M-62A c/r N53686
    M-62A c/r N51843

    Fiesler Fi-156 / MS-500...
    MS-500 c/r 7T-VLX
    MS-502 c/r N28670
    MS-505 c/r C-FDKL

    Fleet 80 Canuck...
    80 c/r C-FUXN

    Fokker D.VII...
    D.VII (replica) c/r N821

    Folland Gnat...
    Gnat T.1 s/n XP514 RAF, c/r N7HY

    Fouga CM-170 / CM-175...
    CM-170-6 c/r N528F

    Globe GC-1 Swift...
    GC-1A c/r N90319
    GC-1A c/r N90351
    GC-1B c/r N80613
    GC-1B c/r N77759
    GC-1B c/r N2AF
    GC-1B c/r N80608
    GC-1B c/r CF-JUK
    GC-1B c/r SE-BCD
    GC-1B c/r N78117
    GC-1B c/r N90393

    Grumman F4F/FM Wildcat...
    FM-2 s/n 46867 USN, c/r N909WJ

    Grumman F6F Hellcat...
    F6F-3 s/n 41476 USN, c/r N41476
    F6F-5 c/r N1103V

    Grumman F7F Tigercat...
    F7F-3 s/n 80374 USN, c/r N7629C

    Grumman G-111/SA-16/HU-16/UF Albatross...
    UF-1 s/n 131911 USN, c/r N416C
    HU-16 s/n 7218 USCG, c/r N7029F

    Grumman G-21/JRF/OA-9/OA-13 Goose...
    G-21C s/n 87729 USN, c/r N642

    Grumman G-44/J4F/OA-14 Widgeon...
    30 c/r N350GW

    Grumman G-73 Mallard...
    G-73 c/r N4949N
    G-73 c/r VH-CQA

    Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger...
    TBM-3 c/r N68684

    Handley Page Herald...
    HPR-7-210 c/r G-STVN

    Hawker Hunter...
    Hunter F.58 s/n J-4097 SwiAF, c/r C-GZIB

    Hawker Sea Fury...
    Sea Fury FB.11 s/n 10-14 MLD, c/r N4434P

    Hiller H-12/H-23 Raven...
    UH-12E c/r N9754C
    UH-12E c/r N9795C
    OH-23C c/r N252LG

    Holste MH-1521 Broussard...
    MH-1521 c/r N315XC
    MH-1521M s/n 214 AdT, c/r N60FG

    Holste MH-250 Super Broussard / Nord N-262...
    298 c/r VH-HIX
    298 c/r VH-HEI

    Howard DGA-15 / C-70 / GH / NH...
    DGA-15P c/r N5604V
    DGA-15P c/r N69050

    Hughes 269 / 300 / H-42 / H-55 / H-300 / HO...
    TH-55 c/r N7058J
    TH-55A s/n 67-15418 US

    Hughes 369 / H-6 / 500 / 600...
    OH-6A c/r N12964

    Interstate S-1 Cadet / L-6 Grasshopper...
    L-6 c/r N77340

    Lockheed L-10 Electra...
    L-10A c/r N79227
    XC-35 s/n 36-0353 USAAF

    Lockheed L-100 / C-130 Hercules...
    C-130B c/r N9298R
    C-130B c/r N9297R
    C-130B c/r N9296R
    C-130E c/r N9257R
    C-130E s/n 63-7806 USAF

    Lockheed L-14/15/18 / B-34 / C-56 C-60 / PV / R5O...
    PV-2 c/r N6622D

    Lockheed L-22 / P-38 Lightning...
    P-38J-15-LO s/n 42-103988 USAAF
    P-38J-15-LO s/n 42-104088 USAAF, c/r N38LL

    Lockheed L-80/P-80/T-33/TO/TV Shooting Star / T2V Sea Star / CT-133 Silver Star / F-94 Starfire...
    T-33 s/n 94+69 Luftwaffe
    T-33A s/n 57-0565 USAF, c/r N22ES

    Luscombe Model 8...
    8A c/r C-FYAL
    8A c/r N71719
    8A c/r N1313K
    8A c/r N1360K
    8A c/r N1660K
    8A c/r N2335K
    8A c/r N2359K
    8A c/r N2376K
    8C c/r F-BIHX
    8D c/r N23030
    8E c/r C-GAOQ
    8E c/r N1607K
    8E c/r N1922K
    8E c/r N2775K
    8E c/r CF-YEC
    8E c/r N2370K
    8E c/r N2396K
    8E c/r N1304B
    8F c/r C-FYCG
    8F c/r N527ED

    McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle / F-15E Strike Eagle...
    F-15C-27-MC s/n 80-0016 USAF

    Messerschmitt Bf-108 Taifun / N-1000 Pingouin...
    N-1002 c/r F-AZET
    N-1101 c/r F-BLQO

    Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet / J8M Shusui / MXY...

    Messerschmitt Me-262 Schwable / S-92...
    Me-262A-1a/U3 s/n T2-4102 USAF, c/r N94503

    Meyers Little Toot...
    Little Toot c/r N1091Z

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15...
    MiG-15bis s/n 2271 PLAN, c/r N996
    SBLim-1 s/n 117 SPRP, c/r C-FMVN
    SBLim-1 s/n 640 SPRP, c/r N40BM

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-19 Farmer (NATO) / Nanchang Q-5/A-5 Fantan (NATO)...
    J-6A s/n 0301 PLAN

    Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-23...
    MiG-23BN s/n SM255 IAF

    Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29...
    MiG-29UB-12 s/n 64 red PSU, c/r N29UB

    Miles M7 Nighthawk...
    M7 c/r N260BD

    Morane Saulnier MS-180 / MS-181 / MS-185...
    MS-180T c/r F-BLGA
    MS-180T c/r F-BLGB
    MS-180T c/r F-BLGC
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIK
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIL
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIM
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIN
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIO
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIP
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIQ
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIR
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIS
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIT
    MS-180T c/r F-BLIV

    Morane Saulnier MS-230...
    MS-230 c/r F-BGMQ
    MS-230 c/r F-AYMS
    MS-230 c/r N7461
    MS-230 s/n 1049 ALA, c/r N230MS

    Naval Aircraft Factory N3N...
    N3N-3 c/r N45265
    N3N-3 s/n 1994 USN, c/r N9316Z
    N3N-3 s/n 2734 USN, c/r N45222

    New Standard D-24 / D-25 / D-26 / D-28 / D-29 / D-31 / D-32 / D-33...
    D-24 c/r N9102

    Nieuport 28...
    N-28 c/r N62610

    Noorduyn Norseman...
    C-64A c/r F-BKFJ

    North American B-25/PBJ Mitchell...
    B-25J c/r N92888

    North American F-100 Super Sabre...
    F-100D s/n 42239 ALA
    F-100D-85-NH s/n 56-3434 USAF

    North American L-17 Navion...
    NA-145 c/r N91165
    Navion B c/r N5131K
    Navion Rangemaster G c/r N2450T
    Navion Rangemaster G c/r N2465T
    Navion Rangemaster G c/r N249KC
    Navion c/r N4214K

    North American P-86/F-86 Sabre...
    F-86E-15-NA s/n 51-13067 USAF, c/r N186RG
    F-86A s/n 49-1217 USAF, c/r N4912

    North American T-28 Trojan / Fennec / Nomad...
    T-28B s/n 138265 USN, c/r N555PF
    T-28B s/n 138314 USN, c/r N392W
    T-28B s/n 138245 USN, c/r N65491

    North American T-6/AT-6/SNJ Texan / Harvard...
    AT-6F-NT s/n 44-81884 USAAF, c/r N7460C
    AT-6D-NT s/n 781 FAMe, c/r N991GM
    AT-6D-NT s/n 44-81468 USAAF, c/r N6984C
    AT-6D s/n 42-81646 USAF, c/r N8540P
    SNJ-5 s/n 43791 USN, c/r N7968C
    SNJ-6 c/r N6973C
    SNJ-4 c/r N6412D
    SNJ-4 s/n 10117 USN, c/r N7692Z
    SNJ-4 s/n 5634 USN, c/r N540GM
    SNJ-4 s/n 7678 SAAF, c/r N7678Z
    AT-6D-NT s/n 42-44495 USAAF, c/r N72176
    AT-6B c/r N5849N
    T-6G s/n 49-3005 USAF, c/r N109NA
    T-6G s/n 49-3274 USAF, c/r N7689C
    T-6G s/n 49-3384 USAAF, c/r N6900G
    T-6G s/n E.16-115 EdA, c/r N888WV

    Percival 84 Jet Provost / 80/90/145/167 Strikemaster...
    Jet Provost T.4 s/n XS219 RAF, c/r N219JP

    Percival P-56 Provost...
    P-56 s/n XF603 RAF, c/r G-KAPW

    Pilatus PC-9 / T-6 Texan II / CT-156 Harvard II...
    PC-9/A s/n A23-038 RAAF

    Polikarpov U-2 / Po-2...
    Po-2 c/r N3602

    Republic F-84...
    F-84 c/r N6614C
    F-84E c/r N1111V
    F-84G c/r N6096V
    F-84G c/r N6473D
    F-84G s/n 10586 YAF, c/r N6599V
    F-84G s/n 52-8365 USAF
    F-84F c/r N1158V

    Ryan B-1/B-2/B-3/B-5/B-7 Brougham...
    B-3A c/r N7734
    B-3A c/r N7737

    Ryan ST / PT-16 / PT-20 / PT-21 / PT-22 Recruit / PT-23 / PT-25...
    PT-22 s/n 41-15692 USAAF, c/r N46795

    Short SC-7 Skyvan / SD3 / 330 / 360 / C-23 Sherpa...
    C-23B s/n 88-1861 US, c/r N435NA

    Short Tucano...
    Tucano T.1 c/r N208PZ

    Sikorsky S-52 / H-18 / H-39 / HO5S...
    HO5S s/n 125516 USMC, c/r N9433H

    Sikorsky S-56 / H-37 / HR2S...
    CH-37B c/r N51900

    Sikorsky S-61 / H-3 / Sea King...
    c/r N6950R
    HH-3A s/n 149682 USN, c/r N454VA
    HH-3A s/n 149922 USN, c/r N454YS
    HH-3A s/n 151553 USN, c/r N454US
    SH-3G s/n 151523 USN, c/r N523AW
    SH-3G s/n 151554 USN, c/r N554AW
    SH-3H s/n 148050 USN, c/r N81725
    SH-3H s/n 151555 USN, c/r N454XS
    SH-3H s/n 152104 USN, c/r N104WR
    S-61A c/r N92865
    SH-3T s/n 149898 USN, c/r N898WC

    Sikorsky S-70 / H-60...
    UH-60A c/r N255SA
    UH-60A c/r N13FH
    UH-60A c/r N986AJ
    SH-60B s/n 161554 USN
    S-70A c/r N190LA

    Sikorsky S-76 / H-76...
    S-76C c/r N76PC
    S-76C c/r N797P
    S-76C c/r G-ROON

    Sikorsky S-92 / H-92 / CH-148...
    S-92A c/r G-VIND
    S-92A c/r C-FUND
    S-92A c/r C-GKNR
    S-92A c/r C-GQCH
    S-92A c/r C-GVCH
    S-92A c/r G-CFHA
    S-92A c/r G-CGCI
    S-92A c/r C-GDKN
    S-92A c/r G-CIHP
    S-92A c/r G-CHCS
    S-92A c/r C-GIKN
    S-92A c/r G-CHCZ
    S-92A c/r G-CGYW
    S-92A c/r G-CHHF
    S-92A c/r G-CIYD
    S-92A c/r N173Y
    S-92A c/r G-CHMJ
    S-92A c/r G-CHYG
    S-92A c/r G-CHYI
    S-92A c/r VH-LYX
    S-92A c/r G-GALC
    S-92A c/r VH-ZUO
    S-92A c/r VH-ZUQ
    S-92A c/r G-CICH
    S-92A c/r G-CICJ
    S-92A c/r G-MCGE
    S-92A c/r G-WNST
    S-92A c/r VH-ZUV
    S-92A c/r G-VINI
    S-92A c/r VH-ZUW
    S-92A c/r G-MCGF
    S-92A c/r G-VINK
    S-92A c/r G-CIGZ
    S-92A c/r G-MCGG
    S-92A c/r G-VINL
    S-92A c/r G-IACG
    S-92A c/r G-WNSU
    S-92A c/r G-WNSD
    S-92A c/r VH-NYW
    S-92A c/r VH-NYZ
    S-92A c/r G-MCGH
    S-92A c/r G-MCGI
    S-92A c/r G-WNSM
    S-92A c/r G-CIJC
    S-92A c/r G-WNSL
    S-92A c/r C-GFCH
    S-92A c/r G-MCGJ
    S-92A c/r G-WNSR
    S-92A c/r G-MCGL
    S-92A c/r G-MCGY
    S-92A c/r G-VINT
    S-92A c/r VH-NBP
    S-92A c/r G-MCGZ
    S-92A c/r G-WNSI
    S-92A c/r G-SARB
    S-92A c/r OY-HKA
    S-92A c/r OY-HKA
    S-92A c/r G-CGOC
    S-92A c/r G-SARC
    S-92A c/r G-CGZS
    S-92A c/r VH-LYJ
    S-92A c/r OY-HKB
    S-92A c/r OY-HKC
    S-92A c/r LN-ONT
    S-92A c/r LN-ONW
    S-92A c/r VH-IPK
    S-92A c/r G-MCGD
    S-92A c/r G-CHKI
    S-92A c/r G-WNSJ
    S-92A c/r N242F

    Sopwith Camel...
    Camel F.1 s/n B6291 RAF, c/r N629JA

    Spartan 7W Executive / 8W Zeus / 12W Executive...
    7W c/r N17616
    7W c/r N17662

    Stampe et Vertongen SV-4...
    SV-4A c/r F-BHHD
    SV-4C c/r G-BPLM
    SV-4C c/r F-BMKL
    SV-4C c/r F-BFUB
    SV-4C c/r F-BKMP
    SV-4C c/r TS-ALM
    SV-4C c/r N13SV

    Standard H / J / SJ / JR / E-4...
    J-1 c/r N2625
    J-1 c/r N131
    J-1 c/r N3045
    J-1 c/r N5028
    J-1 c/r N5032
    J-1 c/r N6641
    J-1 c/r N5037
    J-1 c/r N5057
    J-1 c/r N1603
    J-1 c/r N5024
    J-1 c/r N208
    J-1 c/r N2192
    J-1 c/r N785
    J-1 c/r N5053
    J-1 c/r N6631
    J-1 c/r N2630
    J-1 c/r N5045
    J-1 c/r N7463
    J-1 c/r N5030

    Stearman 6 Cloudboy...
    6L c/r N786H

    Stearman C Series...
    C3B c/r N5491
    C3B c/r N6440
    C3B c/r N9066
    C3B c/r N8801
    C3B c/r N8807
    C3B c/r N8806
    C3B c/r N8802
    C3B c/r N8803
    C3B c/r N8804
    C3B c/r N8805
    C3B c/r N8810
    C3B c/r N8813
    C3B c/r N8814
    C3B c/r N8816
    C3B c/r N8817
    C3B c/r N8837
    C3MB c/r N6436
    C3MB c/r N9061
    C3R c/r N8822

    Stearman Kaydet...
    IB75A c/r N21K
    IB75A s/n 7715 USN, c/r N667BS
    E75 c/r N7500
    E75 c/r N7506
    E75 c/r N5214N
    E75 c/r N7502
    E75 c/r N7504
    E75 s/n 43440 USN, c/r N1707M
    E75 s/n 52588 USN, c/r N4931N
    B75N1 c/r N5028N
    D75N1 s/n 42-15787 USAAF, c/r N56259
    D75N1 s/n 42-15817 USAAF, c/r N60309
    PT-13D c/r N4746V
    PT-17 c/r N61558
    PT-17 c/r N60963
    PT-17 s/n 38161 USN, c/r N992WB
    PT-17 s/n 40-1772 USAAF, c/r N49286
    PT-17 s/n 41-25485 USAAF, c/r N450JN
    PT-17 s/n 41-8351 USAAF, c/r N3946
    PT-17 s/n 41-8780 USAAF, c/r N17366
    PT-17 s/n 7658 USN, c/r N79480
    N2S-5 s/n 43165 USN, c/r N9066H
    A75N1 c/r N52204
    A75N1 c/r N61004
    A75N1 c/r N69146
    A75N1 c/r N63589
    E75N1 c/r N66315
    PT-27 s/n FJ968 RCAF, c/r N747Q

    Stinson 105 Voyager / 10 / O-54/L-9...
    10A c/r N34643

    Stinson 108...
    108-1 c/r N97786
    108-1 c/r N97092
    108-1 c/r OO-CYM
    108-1 c/r N8755K
    108-1 c/r C-GWVA
    108-1 c/r C-GNFT
    108-1 c/r N8999K
    108-1 c/r N9008K
    108-1 c/r N97293
    108-2 c/r CF-GDD
    108-2 c/r N9502K
    108-2 c/r N9651K
    108-2 c/r N9285K
    108-2 c/r N9848K
    108-3 c/r HB-TRI
    108-3 c/r N906C
    108-3 c/r N912C
    108-3 c/r N6098M
    108-3 c/r C-FSDY
    108-3 c/r N6380M
    108-3 c/r N6834M
    108-3 c/r N6172M
    108-3 c/r N6194M
    108-3 c/r N6403M
    108-3 c/r N6471M
    108-3 c/r N4125C
    108-2X c/r C-FVWJ

    Stinson L-1/CQ/O-49 Vigilant...
    L-1 s/n 41-19031 USAAF, c/r N1377B

    Stinson L-5/OY/U-19 Sentinel / O-62...
    c/r N4976N
    L-5E c/r N5026V
    L-5 c/r N54921
    L-5 c/r N9615H

    Stinson R/SM-2/SM-7/SM-8/W Junior...
    R c/r N10874
    R c/r N10876
    S c/r N10864
    S c/r N10863
    S c/r N10866
    S c/r N10880
    S c/r N10877
    S c/r N10881
    S c/r N10878
    S c/r N10884
    S c/r N10887
    S c/r N10869
    S c/r N10870
    S c/r N10873

    Stinson SM-1...
    SM-1F c/r N9691
    SM-1F c/r N9693
    SM-1F c/r N9692
    SM-1B c/r N5471
    SM-1B c/r N7469

    Stinson SR/V-77/AT-19/C-81/L-9 Reliant...
    SR-5A c/r N5045
    V-77 c/r N52092

    Supermarine Spitfire...
    Spitfire Vb c/r N597N

    Swiss American Aviation Corporation Learjet...
    C-21A c/r N879TC
    C-21A c/r N506HL
    C-21A c/r N506LG

    Taylorcraft Auster / J1 Autocrat / AOP / I / II / III / IV / V / A / C / D / J5 Aiglet...
    D s/n TW498 RAF, c/r VH-ARX
    J/1 c/r G-AJIX
    5 c/r F-BIAU
    5 c/r F-BFXG
    V c/r G-AIPN
    J/2 c/r VH-BYZ
    III c/r VH-RKA

    Taylorcraft DCO-65 / BC-12 / L-2 Grasshopper...
    DCO-65 c/r N61788
    DCO-65 c/r N58026

    Taylorcraft J-2 / J-3 / J-4 / J-5 / L-4/O-59/C-83 Grasshopper / L-18 Super Cub / L-21 Super Grasshopper / PA-11/PA-18/PA-19...
    L-18C s/n MM522380 EI, c/r G-RCUB
    L-21A c/r N555Z

    Temco T-35 Buckaroo...
    YT-35 s/n 50-0740 USAF, c/r N68773
    T-35A s/n 34466 RSaAF, c/r N909B

    Travel Air 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000 Travel Air / CW-12 / CW-14...
    W-4000 c/r N8118
    12Q c/r N438W
    12Q c/r N414W
    12Q c/r N415W
    12Q c/r N416W
    12W c/r N410W
    12W c/r N412W
    12W c/r N408W
    S-6000B c/r N6459
    12K c/r N437W
    16K c/r N407W
    16K c/r N409W
    D4D c/r N606K
    Travel Air c/r N124
    Travel Air c/r N2626
    2000 c/r N8119
    4000 c/r N6288
    4000 c/r N8120

    Vought F4U/FG/AU Corsair / F2G Super Corsair...
    FG-1D s/n 88303 USN, c/r N700G

    Vultee BT-13/BT-15/SNV Valiant...
    BT-13A c/r N1332V
    BT-13A c/r N53737
    BT-13A c/r N61918
    BT-13A c/r N53738
    BT-13A c/r N61912
    BT-13A c/r N59493
    BT-13A s/n 41-21873 USAAF, c/r N4043
    BT-13A s/n 41-22350 USAAF, c/r N413BT
    BT-13A s/n 41-22384 USAAF, c/r N69041
    BT-13A s/n 41-9670 USAAF, c/r N59572
    BT-13A s/n 42-1435 USAAF, c/r N11FW
    BT-13 c/r N61368
    BT-13 c/r N61739
    BT-15 c/r N64282
    BT-13B c/r N56882
    SNV-1 c/r N61616

    Vultee V-48 / V-61 / P-48...
    P-48X c/r N21755

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) 10 / GXE / O-Series...
    ASO c/r N11263
    10 c/r N5042
    10 c/r N5043
    10 c/r N4712
    10 c/r N6633
    BSO c/r N940H
    CTO c/r N9577H
    GXE c/r N5059
    GXE c/r N5039
    GXE c/r N5040
    GXE c/r N5009
    GXE c/r N5044
    GXE c/r N6644
    GXE c/r N4708
    GXE c/r N5472
    GXE c/r N6632
    GXE c/r N11272
    GXE c/r N5010

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) 9...
    9 c/r N130
    9 c/r N431E

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) C Series...
    EQC-6 c/r N16214

    Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) F-Series...
    YMF-5C c/r N148WA
    YMF-5C c/r N150EK
    YMF-5C c/r N920JV
    RNF c/r N101Y
    RNF c/r N11258
    RNF c/r N11265
    RNF c/r N11269
    RNF c/r N11271
    QCF c/r N12428
    INF c/r N11262
    INF c/r N11268
    INF c/r N11266
    YMF c/r N503HD

    Yakovlev Yak-11...
    C-11 s/n 407 EAF, c/r N5943

    Yakovlev Yak-50 (1949)...
    Yak-50 c/r N46AW
    Yak-50 s/n RA-2606, c/r N50MY

    Yakovlev Yak-52...
    Yak-52 c/r N82623
    Yak-52 c/r N552YK
    Yak-52 c/r N7092A
    Yak-52 c/r N6294D
    Yak-52 c/r N132MD
    Yak-52 c/r N1139X
    Yak-52 c/r N4450Y
    Yak-52 c/r N5287
    Yak-52 c/r N52EX
    Yak-52 c/r NX444JA
    Yak-52 c/r VH-MHH

    Yakovlev Yak-55 / SP-55 / Yak-56...
    Yak-55M c/r C-GYKT
    Yak-55M c/r N6199U
    Yak-55M c/r N191YK

    Zlin Z-26 / Z-126 / Z-226 / Z-326 / Z-526 / Z-726...
    Z-526F c/r OK-EXE

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