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    Report: Recent Airframes Events

    This report allows you to look for the airframe events on a weekly basis. These events may be civil registry changes, ownership changes and other significant events. This search works on the dates of the actual events, not the dates the events were included in the database.

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    Dec 10th to Dec 16th

    Aero L-39...
    L-39ZA s/n 109 {2} BBC, c/n 734109, c/r N109ZA

    Bell 204/205/208/208/212/214/412/553 / UH-1 Iroquois...
    CH-135 s/n 135117 CAF, c/n 32017, c/r N12328
    UH-1H s/n 71-20011 US, c/n 12835, c/r N11WU

    Bell 206 / H-57 Sea Ranger / H-58 Jet Ranger / 407 / 417...
    OH-58 c/r N118SD

    Cessna 336 / 337/O-2 Skymaster...
    337D c/n 337-1035, c/r C-FNHL
    337D c/n 337-1101, c/r C-GNRO
    337E c/n 337-1269, c/r N123PH
    337G c/n 337-1488, c/r N108LS
    337G c/n 337-1534, c/r CF-JIP
    337G c/n 337-1571, c/r C-FSIW
    337G c/n 337-1607, c/r C-GDQU
    337G c/n 337-1632, c/r C-FSIZ
    337G c/n 337-1730, c/r C-GEOR
    337G c/n 337-1746, c/r C-GIOG
    337G c/n 337-1793, c/r C-GFSC

    de Havilland Canada DHC-6/UV-18/CC-138 Twin Otter...
    DHC-6 c/n 079, c/r N1022S

    North American T-6/AT-6/SNJ Texan / Harvard...
    Harvard III s/n NZ1098 RNZAF, c/n 88-17010, c/r ZK-ENJ

    North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco...
    OV-10D s/n 155446 USMC, c/n 305-057, c/r N10957

    Piper PA-16 Clipper...
    PA-16 c/n 16-088, c/r CF-OGN

    Sikorsky S-61 / H-3 / Sea King...
    SH-3H c/r N113WK
    SH-3H c/r N122WU
    SH-3H c/r N131WL
    SH-3H s/n 152107 USN, c/r N107WK
    SH-3H s/n 152115 USN, c/r N115WK

    Sukhoi Su-26...
    Su-26MX c/r VH-ILB

    Yakovlev Yak-18 (1946) / CJ-4 / CJ-5 / CJ-6...
    Yak-18PS c/n 0700105, c/r N118RU

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