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    Report: Recent Airframes Events

    This report allows you to look for the airframe events on a weekly basis. These events may be civil registry changes, ownership changes and other significant events. This search works on the dates of the actual events, not the dates the events were included in the database.

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    Oct 08th to Oct 14th

    Aero L-39...
    L-39C c/n 432921, c/r N580LL

    Antonov An-24 Coke (NATO) / An-26 Curl (NATO) / An-30 Clank (NATO) / An-32 Cline (NATO) / An-34 / An-40 / An-50 / Xian Y-7...
    An-32B c/n 3204, c/r ER-AVB

    Beech 18 Expeditor / AT-7 / AT-11 / C-45 / JRB / SNB...
    TC-45H s/n 2892 FABr, c/n BA-679, c/r N26PL

    Bell 206 / H-57 Sea Ranger / H-58 Jet Ranger / 407 / 417...
    OH-58 c/r N264SC
    OH-58 c/r N180SC
    OH-58 c/r N930PD

    Bell 47 / H-13 Sioux...
    TH-13T-BF s/n 67-17007 US, c/n 3689, c/r N18829
    47G-3B-1 c/r VH-UHA

    Bellanca 14-13 Crusair Senior / 14-19...
    14-19-3 c/n 4295, c/r N1001C
    14-19-3 c/n 4307, c/r N8545R
    14-19-3 c/n 4342, c/r N1252R

    Boeing B40...
    40C c/n 1043, c/r N5339

    Cessna 120 / 140...
    140 c/n 09093, c/r N90035
    140 c/n 09936, c/r N72753
    140 c/n 14435, c/r N2204V
    140 c/n 14568, c/r N2332V

    Cessna 170 / 305 / L-19 / O-1 / OE / 325...
    170 c/n 18358, c/r N4039V
    170B c/n 25265, c/r N2723D
    O-1E s/n 55-4736 US, c/n 24577, c/r N32BD

    Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior...
    CW-1 Junior c/n 1121, c/r N10943

    de Havilland DH-100/115 Vampire...
    Vampire T.11 s/n XD506 RAF, c/n 15271

    de Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth...
    DH-82A c/r N1937D

    de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk...
    Chipmunk T.10 s/n WG323 RAF, c/n C1-0395, c/r N323WG

    de Havilland Canada DHC-2/L-20/U-6 Beaver...
    U-6A s/n ES-317 HLA, c/n 1005, c/r N68073

    Engineering and Research Corporation 415 Ercoupe / Mooney A2 / Forney F-1 / Alon A-2...
    415C c/n 3907, c/r N3282H
    F-1A c/n 5687, c/r N7570C

    Fiesler Fi-156 / MS-500...
    MS-505 c/n 65015, c/r C-FSTJ

    Fouga CM-170 / CM-175...
    CM-170 c/n 403, c/r N403PS

    Globe GC-1 Swift...
    GC-1B c/n 0211, c/r N80808

    Luscombe Model 8...
    8A c/n 5623, c/r N2896K

    North American L-17 Navion...
    NA-145 c/n NAV-4-0521, c/r N105ER
    Navion B c/n NAV-4-2279, c/r N5379K
    Navion F c/n NAV-4-1358, c/r N4358K
    Navion A c/n NAV-4-1897, c/r N4897K

    Stampe et Vertongen SV-4...
    SV-4C c/n 0606, c/r N606SV

    Stearman Kaydet...
    E75 s/n 42-17298 USAAF, c/n 75-5461, c/r C-GBJB
    E75 s/n 61050 USN, c/n 75-5172, c/r N52143
    PT-17 s/n 41-8093 USAAF, c/n 75-1652, c/r N53422
    PT-17 s/n 42-16703 USAAF, c/n 75-4866, c/r N64514
    A75N1 s/n 43170 USN, c/n 75-8264, c/r N4921N
    E75N1 s/n 43176 USN, c/n 75-8270, c/r N1346M

    Stinson 108...
    108-1 c/n 108-1672, c/r N8672K
    108-3 c/n 108-3686, c/r N686C
    108-3 c/n 108-3837, c/r N837C
    108-3 c/n 108-4905, c/r N6905M
    108-3 c/n 108-5082, c/r N4082C

    Stinson R/SM-2/SM-7/SM-8/W Junior...
    SR c/n 8738, c/r N26447

    Taylorcraft J-2 / J-3 / J-4 / J-5 / L-4/O-59/C-83 Grasshopper / L-18 Super Cub / L-21 Super Grasshopper / PA-11/PA-18/PA-19...
    c/r N3418B

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