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    Family: Piasecki H-21
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    42A - Vertol Aircraft (Canada)

    c/r N8540

    c/r C-FGZM

    c/r N3913A

    c/r N3914A

    c/r CF-IMZ

    42B - Vertol Aircraft (Canada)

    c/r N4200A

    c/r N4201A


    s/n 01001 SweAF, c/n 497

    c/r VH-IOZ


    s/n 50002 JASDF, c/n 44-20

    c/r N10106


    c/r N74058

    c/r N10105

    c/r N10100

    c/r N10101

    c/r N10102

    c/r N10103

    c/r N10104

    c/r N10108


    c/n 44-417, c/r N74056

    H-21 Work Horse [42]

    c/r N93065

    c/r N93064

    H-21A Work Horse [42] - Vertol

    c/r N7932C

    c/r N1415Z

    c/r N9720Z

    CH-21A Work Horse [42]

    s/n 51-15249 USAF, c/r N9719Z

    s/n 51-15262 US

    H-21B Work Horse [42]

    c/r N96244

    c/r N100RC

    s/n 53-4329 USAF, c/r N6794

    c/r N6797

    s/n 53-4367 USAF, c/r N4367M

    c/r N100RS

    c/r N100RD

    s/n 54-4004 USAF

    c/r N6869

    s/n 52-8683 USAF, c/n B.45, c/r N57968

    H-21B Work Horse [42] - Vertol

    s/n 52-8706 USAF

    s/n 52-8688 USAF, c/r N6795

    Identification Pending

    s/n 8.000.114 AdT, c/n B.154, c/r N64606

    s/n FR09 AdT, c/n B.155

    CH-21B Work Horse [42]

    s/n 53-4347 USAF

    s/n 53-4362

    s/n 56-2142 USAF

    s/n 52-8676 USAF, c/n B.39

    s/n 51-15857 USAF, c/n B.4

    s/n 52-8685 USAF, c/n B.47

    s/n 52-8693 USAF, c/n B.55

    s/n 53-4324 USAF, c/n B74

    CH-21B Work Horse [42] - Vertol

    s/n 53-4326 USAF, c/r N6792

    s/n 53-4327 USAF, c/r N10109

    s/n 53-4389 USAF, c/n B.139

    s/n 51-15859 USAF, c/n B.6

    s/n 02-4756 JASDF, c/n B148

    HH-21B Work Horse

    s/n 53-4334 USAF, c/r N6796

    s/n 53-4369 US, c/r N109RB

    s/n 53-4323 USAF, c/n B.73, c/r N6793

    UH-21B Work Horse

    s/n 52-8691 USAF

    s/n 54-4326 USAF

    H-21C Shawnee [43]

    c/r N9221

    s/n 53-4365 USAF

    c/r N7935C

    s/n 83+18 Luftwaffe

    c/r N2518

    s/n 52-8623 USAF

    s/n FR106 MN, c/n FR106

    s/n FR60 AdT, c/n FR60

    s/n 83+32 Heer, c/n WG32

    s/n 83+07 Heer, c/n WG7

    s/n 83+08 Luftwaffe, c/n WG8

    CH-21C Shawnee [43]

    s/n 51-15887 US

    s/n 51-15897 US

    s/n 51-15902 NASA

    s/n 51-15886 US, c/r N48082

    s/n 53-4354 USAF

    s/n 55-4218 US

    s/n 55-4221 US

    s/n 56-2086 US

    s/n 56-2089 US

    s/n 56-2105 US

    s/n 56-21067

    s/n 56-2115 US

    s/n 56-2116 USAF, c/r N116MH

    s/n 56-2123 USAF

    s/n 56-2137 US

    s/n 56-2154 US

    s/n 56-4353 US

    c/r N5359

    s/n 56-2106 US, c/r N106MH

    s/n 56-2040 US, c/n C.202

    s/n 56-2077 US, c/n C.239

    s/n 56-2159 US, c/n C.321

    s/n 52-8648 US, c/n C.69

    s/n 55-4140 US, c/n C.94

    s/n 83+11 Luftwaffe, c/n WG.11

    H-21C-PH Shawnee [43] - Vertol, Morton, Pennsylvannia, USA

    s/n FR94 AdT, c/n FR94

    XH-21D Shawnee [71]

    s/n 83+17 Luftwaffe, c/n WG17

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