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    This page documents a history of a specific aircraft. The details provided vary from aircraft to aircraft and are dependent on the research and amount of data uploaded to the Aerial Visuals database.

    Airframe Family: Northrop F-89 Scorpion
    Latest Model:F-89B Scorpion
    Last Military Serial:49-2434 USAF
    Latest Owner or Location:Texas Air Museum - San Antonio Chapter / Stinson Chapter, Stinson Municipal Airport / Stinson Field, San Antonio, Texas

    If you can add to the history or would like to submit a correction please use the editor to do so.

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    The Airframes Database depends on user contributions to stay current.
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    Constructed as a F-89A.
    USAF History and Traditions Museum

    Circa January 1951

    Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Air Force with s/n 49-2434.

    March 1951

    Transferred to 2750th Test and Evaluation Group, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH.

    Converted to an EF-89A.

    Was briefly used as a testbed for the unsuccessful Martin D-1 four-gun swiveling turret. The entire nose section rotated as a unit, while the guns traversed through 105 degrees from the forward facing position. The system was not adopted for production F-89s.

    November 1951

    Transferred to Northrop.
    Returned to Northrop for conversion.

    Converted to a F-89B.
    Was the first airframe converted as a B model.

    December 1951

    Transferred to Wright-Patterson AFB.
    Returned to Wright-Patterson for more testing.

    Transferred to USAF 4750th Air Defense Squadron, Vincent AFB, AZ.

    Markings Applied: FV-434

    Markings Applied: FV-434, 92434

    To Kelly Field (Formerly Kelly AFB), San Antonio, TX.
    View the Location Dossier

    August 1955

    To USAF History and Traditions Museum, San Antonio, TX.

    Circa 1987

    Photographer: Richard Gardner
    Notes: The aircraft was located on Lackland AFB at the time of photo, as part of the Texas Heritage museum.

    August 1993

    Photographer: Han de Ridder
    Notes: Scanned slide.

    To Texas Air Museum-Rio Hondo Chapter, Rio Hondo Airport/Texas Air Museum Airport, Harlingen, TX.
    View the Location Dossier

    To Texas Air Museum-San Antonio Chapter/Stinson Chapter, Stinson Municipal Airport/Stinson Field, San Antonio, TX.
    Stored there dissasembled. The nose radome was retained by the USAF because it was a one-off model. It is the oldest surviving F-89.
    View the Location Dossier

    November 2015

    Photographer: Ruud Leeuw
    Notes: 2015 photo at the Texas Air Museum at Stinson Field, San Antonio

    This dossier is waiting for review by an editor.This airframe dossier is based on
    unreviewed imported data.
    If you can verify the documented history or add to it with additional text and/or photos please feel free to do so by using the upload tool and the history editor.

    Data for airframe dossiers come from various sources. The following were used to compile this dossier...

    Print Sources
    U.S. Military Out of Service 2010 by Andy Marden

    Individual Contributors
    Han de Ridder

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