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    This page documents a history of a specific aircraft. The details provided vary from aircraft to aircraft and are dependent on the research and amount of data uploaded to the Aerial Visuals database.

    Airframe Family: North American B-25/PBJ Mitchell
    Latest Model:B-25J-35-NC Mitchell
    Last Military Serial:45-8883 USAAF
    Construction Number:108-47734
    Last Civil Registration:C-GCWM
    Latest Owner or Location:Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Mount Hope, Hamilton, Ontario

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    The Airframes Database depends on user contributions to stay current.
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    by using the links above.
    The more you and others share the better the database becomes!



    August 1945

    Constructed as a B-25J-35-NC by North American at Kansas City, Kansas, USA.

    Circa 1945

    Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 45-8883.
    Not actually accepted by the USAAF.

    October 1945

    To Reconstruction Finance Corp, Altus, OK.
    Not delivered to the USAAF but rather directly to the RFC.

    9 September 1946

    To A. B. Fitzgerald, Fort Worth, TX with c/r NL75755.

    From June 1948 to By 1950

    To Albert Trostel and Sons Co, Milwaukee, WI with c/r N75755.

    From April 1950 to By 1958

    To Northern Pump Co, Minneapolis, MN.

    From November 1958 to By 1964

    To Peter Volid, Chicago, IL.

    February 1964

    To King Korn Stamp Co, Chicago, IL.

    From February 1964 to By 1965

    To Dee Banister, Seymour, IN.

    January 1965

    To King Korn Stamp Co, Chicago, IL.

    16 August 1965

    Involved in an incident.
    Summarized NTSB narrative from report number CHI66A0017: There were no fatalities. Incident occurred at 14:00 hours. The damage was substantial. Incident occurred at the Sky Harbor Airport, Northbrook, IL. There was a fire or explosion in flight during the initial climb. Collided with trees while on final approach to land. The emergency circumstances included; forced landing on a seaplane base or heliport. Report remarks include: Nuts not installed on number 1 exhaust stack.
    For a complete description of the event read the NTSB Report.

    From December 1965 to By 1966

    To American Learjet Corp, Tarkio, MD.

    July 1966

    To Jack Adams Aircraft Sales, Walls, MS.

    From April 1967 to By 1973

    To Wilbert Vault Service/R. H. Wood, Laurel, MD.

    2 June 1972

    Photographer: Peter Nicholson
    Notes: This B-25J Mitchell was seen at what was then called Friendship Airport, Baltimore.

    December 1973

    To Robert W. Trainer, Lancaster, PA.

    From By 1973 to By 1975

    Withdrawn from use and placed in open storage at Wilmington, DE.

    4 February 1974

    To Flight Test Engineering Co, Newark, DE.
    Apparently not removed from storage at Wilmington, DE.

    From May 1975 to By 1976

    To Canadian Warplane Heritage, Sidney, BC.
    Not actually removed from storage at Wilmington, DE.

    May 1975

    To unknown owner with c/r C-GCWA.

    1 June 1975

    To Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Mount Hope, Hamilton, ON.
    View the Location Dossier

    1 June 1975

    Ferry flight.
    Moved from Wilmington, DE to Hamilton, ON.

    24 March 1976

    Civil registration, N75755, cancelled.

    Markings Applied: Shes A Silver Lady

    Markings Applied: VO D, HD372
    Restored in markings of the 2nd Tactical Air Force.

    8 May 1976

    First flight.

    14 June 1976

    Assigned civil registration: C-GCWM (B25J, 45-883)

    Circa 30 May 1977

    Photographer: Glenn Chatfield
    Notes: At Rickenbacker AFB, OH during Memorial Day weekend air show. (110 film)

    Markings Applied: VO D, HD372
    10847734 is marked as RAF s/n HD372 a Mitchell Mk III of 98 Squadron RAF of the 2nd Tactical Air Force.

    13 July 1991

    Photographer: Robert Nichols
    Notes: at Oswego Airport NY Air Show

    20 June 1993

    Photographer: Mike Henniger
    Notes: Photographed at the Tillsonburg Airshow.

    20 June 1993

    Photographer: Mike Henniger
    Notes: Photographed at the Tillsonburg Airshow.

    17 June 1995

    Photographer: Mike Henniger
    Notes: This photo was taken at the Hamilton International Airshow.

    17 June 1995

    Photographer: Mike Henniger
    Notes: Photographed at the Hamilton International Airshow at Mount Hope, Ontario.

    Markings Applied: Grumpy, VO B, HD372

    15 February 2004

    Photographer: Robert Nichols

    18 May 2006

    Photographer: Mike Henniger
    Notes: Leaving after a visit to Vintage Wings.

    Markings Applied: Hot Gen, VO F, HD372
    Hot Gen markings reestablished.

    21 June 2009

    Photographer: Dale Morton

    12 October 2011

    Photographer: Terry Fletcher
    Notes: At Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

    16 June 2012

    Photographer: Mike Henniger

    16 June 2012

    Photographer: Mike Henniger

    16 June 2012

    Photographer: Mike Henniger

    August 2015

    Photographer: Gustavo Bonilla
    Notes: Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

    25 July 2017

    Photographer: Terry Fletcher
    Notes: at 2017 AirVenture at Oshkosh

    Data for airframe dossiers come from various sources. The following were used to compile this dossier...

    Print Sources
    Warbirds Directory, 5th Edition by Geoff Goodall

    Internet Sources
    Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
    Federal Aviation Administration in the United States of America
    National Transportation Safety Board
    Transport Canada
    United States Military Services Serial Number Lists by Joe Baugher

    Individual Contributors
    Mike Henniger

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