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    This page documents a history of a specific aircraft. The details provided vary from aircraft to aircraft and are dependent on the research and amount of data uploaded to the Aerial Visuals database.

    Airframe Family: Focke Wulf Fw-190 / Ta-152
    Latest Model:FW-190A-8/N (replica)
    Construction Number:739447
    Last Civil Registration:N91160
    Latest Owner or Location:Jay C. Thinnes, Sedona, AZ

    If you can add to the history or would like to submit a correction please use the editor to do so.

    If you have a photo of this airframe to share then use the photo upload tool.

    The Airframes Database depends on user contributions to stay current.
    If you have any news about this airframe or photos which you would like to share please do so
    by using the links above.
    The more you and others share the better the database becomes!



    Constructed as a Fw-190A-8.

    From 21 February 2001 to 2005

    To Flug Werk of America/Jay C. Thinnes, Chandler, AZ with c/r N91160.

    From 16 November 2005 to 2009

    To Jay C. Thinnes, Sedona, AZ.

    From 2007 to 2010

    Contracted to Meiermotors GMBH, Bremgarten Airport, Eschbach, Baden-Wurttemberg for work on the airframe.
    The fighter factory placed the order with Meiemotors in 2007.
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    Remanufactured as a FW-190A-8/N (replica) by Flug Werk GmbH at Gammelsdorf, Munich.
    New construction number, 990005, assigned to the airframe.

    This dossier is waiting for review by an editor.This airframe dossier is based on
    unreviewed imported data.
    If you can verify the documented history or add to it with additional text and/or photos please feel free to do so by using the upload tool and the history editor.

    Data for airframe dossiers come from various sources. The following were used to compile this dossier...

    Internet Sources
    Federal Aviation Administration in the United States of America
    Warbirds Directory, 6th Edition (2013) by Geoff Goodall

    Individual Contributors
    Matthias Dorst
    Noah Rechtin

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